Baidu's Ernie AI chatbot to power Samsung's new Galaxy S24 smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones during a media preview event in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday, January 15, 2024. Samsung, the world's most prolific smartphone maker, is leaning on artificial intelligence as the key to unlocking more sales this year. . Photographer: Seung-jun Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Seungjun Cho | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Baidu AI Cloud will integrate its Ernie chatbot into Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones, allowing users to translate calls in real-time, among other features.

Ernie is the Chinese tech giant's answer to OpenAI's ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot capable of generating human responses to user prompts.

This comes a week after Samsung unveiled its latest lineup of Galaxy S24 phones equipped with AI-powered features, as the South Korean electronics giant attempts to surpass its likes. appleThe latest iPhones packed with technology.

“Now featuring Ernie’s comprehension and generation capabilities, the upgraded Samsung Note Assistant can translate content as well as summarize long content into clear, intelligently structured formats with the click of a button, simplifying comprehensive text organization,” the companies said in a statement.

Samsung was not among the top 5 smartphone vendors in China.

Apple was the largest smartphone seller in China by shipments in 2023, accounting for 17.3% of the market share in the country, IDC data showed on Thursday. Honor came in second place with a market share of 16.8%, followed by Vivo, Huawei, and Oppo.

the Ernie 4.0 has been released in October. Baidu claims it is “the most powerful version of the Ernie Foundation model to date,” with full capabilities for understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory.

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Baidu also claimed that Ernie 4.0's capabilities are as advanced as its own OpenAI GPT-4 model.

“It has been greatly improved compared to the online version of Ernie bot and is now not inferior to GPT-4,” CEO Robin Li said during the Baidu World 2023 event in October.

Baidu said at the end of December that the number of Ernie bot users had surpassed 100 million users, just four months after the company launched its chatbot to the public, competing with the likes of TencentHunyuan W Ali BabaTongyi Qianwen in generative artificial intelligence in China.

ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after its launch in November 2022.

Baidu shares had a rocky start the following year Media reports It said that a People's Liberation Army organization that oversees cyber warfare tested its artificial intelligence system on Ernie. Baidu denied the reportSaying that it “did not engage in any commercial cooperation” with the foundation.

Baidu shares are down 7.53% year to date.

Market intelligence firm IDC said that by 2024, More AI functions will be integrated into personal devices Including smartphones, driven by the advancement of semiconductor technology.

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