The new beta version of the PS5 system software adds two of the most requested features by users

Sony has started testing a software update that adds some key features that users have been asking for nearly two years ago. Although there are a lot of updates in this update – one of the most important since the PS5 first shipped – two features stand out.

The first is that the PS5 now supports 1440p output via HDMI. Previously, it supported 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 4K, since these are the most popular TV resolutions. But many gamers have wanted the PS5 to run on 1440p desktop computer screens – something that both Xbox and (obviously) gaming PCs have supported for a long time. Unfortunately, the PS5’s output at 1440p doesn’t seem to support VRR like the 1080p and 4K one, which might defeat the purpose for a certain subset of users.

There are quite a few games on the console that fit well at 1440p, especially since 1440p was the actual resolution for many PS4 Pro games, and it’s a common resolution for 60fps or 120fps performance modes for some PS5 games. Games that support native 1440p will be output at this point.

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But for games that typically hit 4K, Sony says it “may benefit from improved anti-aliasing through ultra-low downsampling to output up to 1440p.”

The other major feature is game folders, basically. This is something the PS4 system software has introduced, but this is the first time the PS5 has done the same. Sony calls them “Game Lists”, and you can create them from the “Your Collection” list. You can have up to 15 menus, each with up to 100 games. And it doesn’t matter if the game you want to include is a disc, a download title, or a stream: they will all work.

It’s hard to know for sure from just Sony blog post, but these folders only appear to appear in the Your Group section – not the Pinned view or the Home screen. If you mainly manage your games and play them from these views, you might not be so lucky. We’ll have to wait to see for sure.

Other new features in the system software update include: a dialog for comparing stereo and 3D audio with headphones; A simple way to jump into your current activity in games that support the PS5 activity interface; The option to request that your screen be shared with someone in your group; A new notification that allows you to directly join the games started by members of your group; An option to instantly view the profiles of new friends; A way to send stickers or audio messages to people in a deck of a base game card.

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The new features are now available to beta testers — but only to beta testers, unfortunately. Sony says it plans to roll it out to all users later this year.

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