Judas, a new game from the makers of BioShock, has been announced at The Game Awards

The holidays are here early for BioShock fans, after a trailer for the launch of Ken Levine’s new game was revealed at Game Awards 2022. Called Judas, Levine’s new narrative-driven game is unrelated to the BioShock franchise but shares many visual similarities with the series, something Levine’s longtime fans are sure to appreciate.

The trailer itself follows the game’s heroine, Judas, as she struggles to survive on a destroyed spaceship. This FPS psychological thriller features gameplay mechanics and visual aesthetic similar to BioShock – something that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The trailer doesn’t go into much detail regarding the game’s plot, but we do know that like Judas, players must decide whether or not to trust other characters during combat for a chance to “fix what’s broken” (presumably this Reference) Starship Judas Lives).

الان العب: يهوذا يكشف مقطورة | جوائز اللعبة 2022

في وقت سابق من هذا العام ، كان ليفين يلعب أوراقه بالقرب من الصندوق ، مدعيا أنه لا يريد الكشف عن أي شيء عن اللعبة حتى اقترب موعد إطلاقها.

“لم نرغب في السير في طريق العرض [the game] Too early, because we thought it was coming out soon, and I don’t want to have a long period of backlog, interest, hype because it doesn’t, it’s going to end up feeling a little bit inauthentic and I think guys want to be… they want to know what They’re going to get it, and the only way to really do that is by announcing a launch date so close,” he said in January 2022.

It could be Judas now Added to Wishlists on Steam, and will be available on Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC upon release. Currently, there is no release date listed on Steam or the Epic Games Store, but based on Levine’s previous comments about launch dates, it will likely be announced relatively soon.

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