The first bachelor yells profanity at the producer when he doesn’t get a rose tonight

Rachel Rikia And the Gabe Wendy Decide which men are worth going to their hometown visits on Monday night The bachelorette.

Season 19 The bachelorette It is the first successful ABC reality show in which two women are looking for love. After a difficult start, they decided to separate the players into two teams.

But the drama flowed again in Episode 6 as Gabby was sent home in tears by a promising suitor, a man on Rachel’s team revealed a shocking secret, and another man contracted COVID-19!

Who got Gaby’s singles date?

The show’s European cruise ship arrived in Amsterdam and Gabe chose Nate for the special date. She was worried about Nate being a father already and noticed her hometown visits looming “You’re involved with more than one person.”

Gabe had a rough childhood with her mother and was “terrified” at the prospect of getting to know Nate’s young daughter.

Although she liked the way Nate treated her, Gabe told the cameras, “I go back and forth if I want to be a mother and that’s something I don’t understand yet. It just seems so complicated.”

31-year-old Gabe, tearful, thought she had more activities growing up with — and amidst the beautiful scenery of Amsterdam, she ended things with Nate.

“I never want to say goodbye but I think we are in two different places in our lives. It’s not you,” Gabe told him as he cried.

She admitted that she was afraid of being a mother but Nate said it would be great.

However, he accepted her decision that it was over, saying, “I will never be mad at you for being honest.”

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Nate cried as he left and his suitcase was removed from the ship in front of the rest of Gabby’s team.

Who got Rachel’s single date?

The flight instructor, 26, picked Zack who seemed like the frontrunner because he previously had a special date in Episode 3.

This time, the two of them visited a lavender field in the Netherlands, biking, shopping for clogs, and sharing a hot tub.

“She gives me butterflies,” Zack said in his confession.

He was eager to get a rose to take to the hometown visit portion of the show.

But during dinner at a museum, Zach suddenly got serious and told Rachel, “I wanted to talk to you about this…A couple of years ago, I was about 85 pounds more than I am now, and my weight is very heavy.”

Zack continued that he couldn’t find love at the time and asked himself, “How can I fix it?”

CTO told Rachel that he was following the treatment.

This pleased Rachel, who admitted that she also sought help after being dumped at Clayton Echard’s house. BSC season.

“Going to therapy was my favorite part of my week,” she said, adding that she asked herself, “How do I go ahead and what do I like? I really like him so much.”

She also loved that Zack sought therapy.

Agree with Rachel, “It can do miracles!” He said, “I’m falling in love with you.”

Zack gave Warda her date and they kissed her in front of a classical orchestra.

Meanwhile, Gabe tells her team to get back on the boat with what they already know, “Nate isn’t here.”

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After she informed her remaining companions that she was worried about the responsibility of being a mother, they hugged her.

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On their group date, they visited the red-light district of Amsterdam where a woman with a whip asked them sexual questions.

Johnny didn’t reply when asked if he slept with more than 10, 20, or 30 women!

The men took off their shirts and were blindfolded so that Gabe could tickle and flog them.

Later, before the cocktail party, the host Jesse Palmer He told Gabe that the controversial Logan had “tested to have COVID-19.” It was okay but the cocktail party was cancelled. Jesse told the guys that something had gone wrong with Logan – but not exactly what the problem was.

as such Readers know that Logan was part of Rachel’s team before he switched sides, and decided he was more attracted to Gabe.

Logan’s illness caused Gabe to choose her hometown without talking to the other players further.

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The cameras turned to Rachel having a group date with the other men on her team at the Amsterdam cheese market.

They took off their shirts in a cheese-raising contest that Tino won.

At a cocktail party later, Avin tells Rachel that his parents would love to meet her. Tyler said he was deeply affected by it.

After a makeup session with Rachel, Tino boasted to the cameras, “I’m out of the park.”

However, he was pushed away when Tyler gave the group date a rose instead!

“I do not understand that!” Tino angry at a producer. “That’s a great joke!”

With the Rose Ceremony approaching, Spencer thought no one should go home without Logan.

But three roses were available to Gabe while Rachel had one, which means removal will occur.

Gabe revealed to everyone that she didn’t want to meet the families of four men, only three.

Who got Gabe’s roses for his hometown visits?


During the ceremony, the intensive care nurse handed her roses to Eric, Jason, and Johnny. This means that military man Spencer S. had to leave. Gabe had three men headed to their hometown, after Logan had to leave due to being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Who received Rachel’s roses for visits to her hometown?


Avene and Tino took the honors, with Ethan K. Rachel had already saved Zack and Tyler with flowers. After saying goodbye to Ethan, Rachel congratulated her four suitors heading to her hometown.

Who went home tonight in the sixth week of And the bachelorette?

Spencer S.
Ethan K.

How many men have progressed to the seventh week?

After eliminating tonight, seven men advance to next week’s hometown dates.

Gabi’s team


Rachel’s team


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