4moms remember millions of kids swing and rocker

4moms, which makes products for toddlers, has released a recall of the MamaRoo Baby Swing – versions 1.0 through 4.0 – and the RockaRoo Baby Rockers, CPSC said.
“When a swing or rocking chair is not used, their restraint straps can hang under the seat and non-passenger crawling children can get tangled in the straps, posing a suffocation hazard.” CPSC . noted.
The recall affects two million MamaRoo swings and 220,000 RockaRoo, according to CPSC information. The CPSC also indicated that 60,000 MamaRoo and 10,000 RockaRoo were sold Canada.

4moms has received two reports of entanglement incidents of infants falling into the harness under an unoccupied MamaRoo infant swing after they crawled under the seat, including a 10-month-old infant who died from suffocation, and a 10-month-old infant who suffered bruises to his neck before being A caregiver saves him.” “No incidents related to RockaRoo have been reported.”

The statement from 4moms and the CPSC recommends that those with the products “immediately stop using recalled swings and rockers, place them in an area where crawling children cannot reach and contact 4 moms immediately to sign up for a free locking strap that prevents straps from stretching under the swing when not be in use.”

Children’s swing and rocker toys have been used in a number of recent recoveries. The Kids II Rocking Sleepers have been linked to Five infant deaths Fisher-Price Rock and Play sleepers have been linked to more than 30 infant deaths over a 10-year period.
TJX approved Pay a fine of $13 million Earlier this month, these products sold at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods stores from March 2014 through October 2019 after they were removed from the market.

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