The discovery of a broken castle under the burial mound of the “colossal monument” in Cyprus

Archaeologists excavating a massive ancient burial mound in Cyprus have uncovered an even older structure hiding beneath it: a wall or part of a defensive wall, according to a statement from the Cyprus Ministry of Antiquities.

The great hill, known as the launa hill, is taller than a football field, or 328 feet long and 196 feet wide (100 x 60 meters) (Opens in a new tab) It is likely that it was built around the third century BC, when the successors of Alexander the Great They were fighting for control of Cyprus and large swathes of the empire. Researchers have progressively excavated and digitally documented the mound of earth over the past decade. But in a new discovery, archaeologists learned that the tomb was erected atop a broken wall older than the hill, dating back to the early 5th century BC.

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