The $3,499 Vision Pro headset, iOS 17, and everything else Apple just announced at WWDC

Apple Inc.’s Vision Pro headset was stolen. Which is valued at $3,499 on offer Monday as Apple kicks off its annual WWDC event.

CEO Tim Cook and other executives showcased the next chapter of Apple


Technology – “spatial computing” – during a key event failed to keep Apple’s record stock price. The shares were on track to close at an all-time high before the event began, but were trading in the red once the event wrapped.

While the Vision Pro and its eye-catching price tag were the biggest news from the presentation, Apple also teased upcoming software improvements and new Mac computers.

Here’s everything that was announced on Monday.

Vision Pro Headset

It was widely expected that Apple would debut a mixed reality headset at Monday’s event, but the announcement still brings some surprises.

While Apple was rumored to be planning a price in the region of $3,000 for its new Vision Pro headphones, the actual price of $3,499 was higher. Also, Apple won’t sell the device until early next year, later than expected, in a move that means the company will miss the holiday season.

The company spent quite a bit of time during Monday’s presentation showing what the Vision Pro can do in terms of bringing photos, movies, and everyday web surfing into physical spaces. Although the company has discussed some gaming applications, and the partnership with Unity Software Inc.



The executives didn’t care about the games and focused on the fully immersive experience.

Watch MarketWatch’s enhanced coverage of the Vision Pro launch here.

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New iPhone software

Apple’s iPhone software improvements are usually the focus of WWDC, an event aimed at developers who create apps for that and other Apple platforms. This year’s update — iOS 17 — will contain new ways to share contact info, magazine, and make use of your iPhone while it’s locked.

With iOS 17 this fall, Apple users will also be able to set up contact “stickers” for themselves, which will appear full screen when they contact others. They’ll be able to see live transcriptions of voicemail messages so they can decide if they want to answer calls they initially ignored.

Check out MarketWatch’s full guide to the new iOS 17 features here.

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The 15-inch MacBook Air

Apple is making the MacBook Air even bigger with a new 15-inch model that features the company’s M2 chip. This version will start at $1,299 and will be officially available next week, though pre-orders start today. The device has an 18-hour battery life, measures 11.5mm thick, and weighs just over 3 pounds.

Mac Pro and Mac Studio

Apple had set out to infuse its line of PCs with custom chips, and the company rounded that out Monday with new Mac Pro and Mac Studio machines featuring Apple Silicon processing. Mac Studio will start at $1,999, and Mac Pro will start at $6,999.

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New iPad software

Apple will also update its iPad software, with a new custom lock screen, widget improvements, machine learning tools that help with PDF editing and better annotation functionality for PDFs. In addition, users will be able to finally set several timers.

New Mac software

Apple is planning to upgrade its Mac operating system as well with a new version called Sonoma. The main feature of this update is the redesign of the widgets functionality, giving users the ability to place widgets on their home screens and see them automatically fade away when necessary so as not to distract them.

The new Sonoma operating system will add various tools for web presentations, including a feature that lets people appear as overlays on top of presentation content and new interactive animations that can show balloons and cardboard in response to meeting content.

Within Safari, family members will be able to share passwords more easily. The company will also allow people to create separate profiles for using the Mac at home, work, and school.

Audio and video improvements

Apple is adding Adaptive Audio to help AirPods users drown out distracting sounds when appropriate. The technology will proactively lower outside audio when someone is on call and detect when someone is talking to a real-life companion in order to lower the music volume for the duration of the conversation.

Inside the video, Apple will allow people to use their phone’s cameras to participate in FaceTime conversations shown on the Apple TV. The company will also support AirPlay connectivity in hotels.

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Apple Watch software improvements

WatchOS 10, the new Apple Watch operating system, will allow users to keep their watch faces, but twist the Digital Crown to see widgets for information like weather, timers, and events. The company is also looking to make the Apple Watch more useful for cyclists with advanced tracking features. One part of this allows users to pair their iPhone and see their cycling data on the phone’s lock screen, which can be useful for those who strap their phone to a bike while also wearing the watch.

Watch owners will also receive a new hiking app, which will allow users to see elevation data and topographic information.

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