Apollo update turns iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island into a home for ‘Pixel Pals’

The They may have only arrived yesterday but the developers are already dreaming of fun and interesting use cases for the new Apple device . Takes originator Christian Selig, for example. On Friday, it updated its Reddit client to implement “Pixel Pals” support. The feature adds a file Creature doing cute things on top of the dynamic island of your phone while unlocking Apollo. You can even choose from many creatures, including cat, dog, hedgehog, fox, or absolutil.

If you don’t have an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, don’t worry. You can also add creatures to your phone as lock screen widgets – provided you have installed. On the topic of iPhone gadgets, Google has brought up a tool that acts as a shortcut for .

Selig isn’t the only one doing something creative with Dynamic Island for the iPhone 14 Pro. In a tweet I spotted WaterMinder creator Chris Smolka showcased hit the island, a game that uses a UI element in a pong-style game. You can download it from a file . I can only speak for myself, but these apps make me a little jealous that I’m still wearing the iPhone 12.

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