Tesla car fell into fjord in Norway before 'screaming' passengers were rescued by passing through a floating sauna


A driver and passenger were rescued after a Tesla plunged into the icy waters of a Norwegian fjord by unexpected rescuers: a group relaxing in a floating sauna.

A Tesla driver “accidentally hit the gas,” sending the car flying into the freezing waters off Oslo earlier this week, witnesses told SWNS.

Witnesses said that the car began to sink quickly, and its occupants were “screaming” for help.

A video of the ordeal, obtained by AFP, shows a Tesla submerged in water, and the couple sitting on the roof.

Vladislav Nikiforov, 51, believes the couple were there to watch the sunset.

“The driver said he forgot to put it in park and push the gas – I don’t know why,” he told SWNS.

Two motorists were saved by a floating sauna in Norway. Vladislav Nikiforov/SWNS

He said that the car “jumped” over a barrier in front of the water before quickly sinking under the waves. Soon the man and woman were walking through the frozen fjord.

“They had to swim. It's incredibly cold and icy water,” said Nikiforov, a worker at an environmental NGO.

Fortunately, the terrified motorists were only in the water for a few minutes before they were able to enter the sauna.

He added: “I don't think people can stay out there for more than five minutes in this water, especially with clothes on.” We were fortunate to have this floating sauna nearby.

The two drivers of the car were not injured after the accident. Vladislav Nikiforov/SWNS

The sauna boat drifted shortly after the Tesla fell into the water. Oslo police said.

Pictures show people on board the ship with towels around their waists and pulling passengers from the water.

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“One of the guests came running and told me that a car had fallen into the water. “It accelerated at full speed towards the people,” said the captain of the sauna boat, Nikolai Nordahl, He told the Norwegian newspaper VG.

“With the help of two guests, we were able to get them out,” he added. They were able to warm up in the sauna, he added.

Police arrive at the scene of the Tesla crash in the fjord. Vladislav Nikiforov/SWNS

The car's owner, whose identity has not been revealed, told VG: “They saved our lives.”

Floating saunas are a popular tourist attraction available for hire along the fjord. According to CBS News. The boats can accommodate up to 10 people on board at a time.

Later, authorities pulled the Tesla car from the water.

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