Microsoft is collaborating with Palworld on official Xbox marketing

Eliana Bolati

Microsoft is teaming up with the developers of Palworld, using the game and its “Pals” in the company's official marketing for Xbox consoles.

Since the game's release in late January, Palworld's massive success has kept it in the public eye. It's one of the biggest and most surprising success stories the gaming industry has ever seen. It broke records for concurrent players and became one of the best-selling indie games of all time.

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However, it hasn't been without controversy, with many believing Palworld's models are too similar to Pokemon for the game to avoid facing some sort of action from Nintendo. But, as they say, any publicity is good publicity. With so many of them, companies are showing interest in collaborating with independent developers. Pocket pairTo get a piece of the Palworld pie.

At least, that's what Microsoft is doing, using Palworld in its official Xbox marketing materials.

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“Fun fact: XboxGamePass comes with Pals,” reads the tweet on the official Xbox account, which shows an image featuring characters from Palworld alongside the three available versions of the Xbox Series

It's by no means a surprising partnership, given Palworld's success on Game Pass. In many ways, Microsoft has just managed to come up with a title as marketable as Pokemon itself.

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Microsoft has already confirmed this Efforts to help Palworld expand To meet the demand by offering studio engineering resources and dedicated servers. This will undoubtedly help with the high monthly maintenance costs of the game.

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Pocket pair

Despite claims of similarity to Pokémon, Nintendo has yet to take any official action against Palworld.

Despite announcing an investigation to look into violations of their intellectual property rights, there has been no action from The Pokemon Company or Nintendo on the legal front. Which led many to believe that copyright laws would not pose a major obstacle to Palworld's future.

And judging by the new marketing materials, Microsoft is hedging its bets on the game's long-term success.

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