Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ Will Make Over $1 Billion in 2023 – Deadline

In October, we heard that Taylor Swift had become a billionaire due in large part to her then-$700 million net worth. Tour of the ages has achieved. It turns out her money pile has gotten much larger in the intervening six weeks.

according to Accounting at the end of the year By live tour publication Pollstar, Swift’s tour has now grossed more than any tour by any other artist ever: $1,039,263,762. Swift achieved the record in just eight months.

In eight months, the star played 60 shows in 24 cities. The tour began on March 17 and ended on November 11. During that period, Swift sold 4.3 million tickets, with an average ticket price of about $240. The average total bid per show was $17,321,063.

Tour of the ages He broke the previous record held by Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour. Sir Elton’s five-year farewell grossed a whopping $939 million. But it took him 328 shows, compared to 60 for Swift.

And it’s not just tickets.

Pollstar estimates Swift Tour of the ages Merchandise revenue of an additional $200 million for all 60 dates. And since Swift was smart enough to set up merchandise trailers outside venues on non-show days, this total is even higher when one includes revenue from non-concert days.

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