Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ Tops Top 100, Rihanna’s ‘Lift Me Up’ No. 2 – Billboard

Taylor SwiftAnti-Hero’s “Anti-Hero” spends its second week at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Song Chart. A week ago, she debuted at the top, as Swift History made As the first artist to claim the top 10 companies in the survey in a single frame.

while, Rihanna roars on hot 100 In second place with the song “Lift Me Up”. The song is number 32 on the top ten and number one since 2017.

Hot 100 mixes all types of US broadcast (official audio and video), radio broadcast and sales data. All charts (dated November 12, 2022) will be updated on Billboard.com tomorrow (November 8). For all the chart news, you can follow @Billboard and @Billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram.

On October 28 – November. 3 weeks tracking, “Anti-Hero” released on Republic Records hit 35.6 million broadcasts (down 40%), 37.6 million radio viewer impressions (up 17%) and sold 17,000 (up 28%, which is A good order for top sellers), bolstered by the availability of its automated version at Swift’s webstore November 3), according to Luminate.

Individual posts in the second week above streaming songs Schedule; Jumps 4-9 days digital song sales; Regression 13-14 days Radio songs. (as such Previously mentionedthis week painting Broadcast schemes are the first to use monitored Mediabase data; This week’s radio chart includes data from the former BDS watch October 28-30 and Mediabase October 31-November. 3, with Mediabase data to run the survey moving forward).

Swift has recorded four songs in the top 10 top 100 singles, with Anti-Hero followed by Lavender Haze (2-6), “Midnight Rain” (5-7) and “Bejeweled” (6-9). Every song (and every 10 of her top 10 songs from a week ago) is from her new LP midnightwhich records a The second week in first place On the 200 . plate Album chart.

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Rihanna It returns to the Hot 100 as “Lift Me Up” debuted at number two with 48.1 million radio audiences, 26.2 million broadcasts, and 23,000 sold in its first week, after its run. October 28 launch.

The song debuts at number 32 of Rihanna’s Top 100, and is the fifth biggest single on the chart Date.

Most Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s:
59, drake
40, Taylor Swift
38, Madonna
34, The Beatles
32, Rihanna
30, Michael Jackson
29, Elton John
28, Mariah Carey
28, Stevie Wonder
27, Janet Jackson
26, Justin Bieber
25, Lil Wayne
25, Elvis Presley (with the beginning of Presley’s career after former Hot 100’s start)

Rihanna has had her first Top 10 hit since 2017, when DJ Khaled’s “Wild Idts”, featuring her and Bryson Teller, reached number two for seven weeks from July to September. She first reached the top ten with her debut single “Poon de Replay”, which climbed to number two in July 2005. It debuted at number fourteen, the third biggest hit after the Beatles #20 and Mariah Carey #19.

With “Lift Me Up,” Rihanna ties her career best into the Hot 100, and achieves her best-selling lead as a female artist, after Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie, in which she appeared, debuting at number two in July 2010 (and continues to rule for seven weeks).

The song “Lift Me Up” was ranked No. 2 on broadcast songs, No. 3 on digital song sales, and sixth on radio singles. Notably, the song only makes the fourth top 10 radio hit since it became an all-genre chart in December 1998, after Adele’s “Easy on Me” (No. 4, 2021); Lady Gaga “Born This Way” (No. 6, 2011); and Janet Jackson “All for You” (No. 9, 2001).

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Rihanna added 36th place in the top 10 in digital song sales, setting her record 30th in radio songs (24th ahead of runner-up Drake) and 15th in broadcast songs. (To help kick-start sales of the song, its original and instrumental version was made available at Rihanna’s web store on November 2, while the original options and instrumental with two alternate covers arrived on November 3.)

The song also opens at #1 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs And the Hot R&B Songs charts, which uses the same methodology as the Hot 100. Rihanna adds her eighth leader on the previous list (dating her debut, “Take a Bow”, in 2008) and her sixth in second (starting in 2012). The last time she topped both ways was with “Wild Mindts” in 2017.

The song “Lift Me Up” is taken from the soundtrack, Released on November 4to me Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverslated for release in theaters on Friday (November 11th).

Sam Smith and Kim Petras “Unholy” regained 11-3 in the Hot 100, two weeks later Climb to No. 1with 40.8 million in live broadcasts (53% increase, winning Hot 100’s Top Airplay Gainer), 25.1 million broadcasts (up 3%) and 12,000 sales (up 3%).

Fellow Steve Lacey, former Hot 100 leader “Bad Habits” jumps 12-4. The track simultaneously tops the multimeter Hot rock and alternative songsAnd the hot rock songs And the hot alternative songs Charts for the eleventh week of each.

Harry Styles ‘As It Was’ Pushes 16-5 On Hot 100, After 15 Weeks At No. 1 – The Fourth longest reign on the chart date. It claims its 30th week in the top 10, becoming the third song to reach that milestone, and rule the 12th frame radio songs (60.2 million, up 2%).

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Elsewhere in the Top 10 Hot 100, Post Malone introduces “I Like You (A Happier Song)” featuring Doja Cat, going up 17-8, having reached number three, the song Super Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj 22-10, after it opened above the chart on August 27, topping the multi-scale hot rap songs The outcome of the eleventh week.

Again, for all the chart news, you can follow @Billboard and @Billboardcharts on both Twitter and Instagram and all charts (dated November 12), including the entire Hot 100, will be updated on Billboard.com tomorrow (November 8).

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