Survivors rescued from Ukrainian theater hit by Russian airstrikes

Lyudmila Denisova said about 1,300 people were trapped in the basement of the theater. He said it was difficult to confirm the number of survivors and declined to confirm any casualties.

“We hope they are alive, but now we have no information about them,” he said in a local television interview.

Mariupol, an aide to Mayor Vadim Boychenko, declined to comment on the theatrical rescue effort or provide casualties.

Attempts to sort the wreckage and rescue survivors are hampered by the fact that rescue services have been wrecked. Attack on the city.

Getting medical treatment for the injured can be difficult because “a lot of doctors have been killed,” former Governor Sergei Daruda said in a statement overnight.

Ukrainian civilians took refuge in the theater as Mariupol was the target of relentless shelling by Russian forces trying to advance on the southern coast of Ukraine.

Moscow Long wanted Mariupol For its strategic location 35 miles west of the Russian border in the Sea of ​​Azov. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that Russian forces carried out airstrikes on the theater.

Russian missiles hit the airport near Elviv, targeting Ukrainian territory near the Polish border; Kiev firefighters put out the blaze as shelling devastated residential areas; President Biden and Xi Jinping are set to hold talks on Ukraine. Photo: Ismail Goskun / Associated Press

Elsewhere in Ukraine, Russian missiles hit an aircraft repair facility in the western part of the country on Friday, hitting a target far from the battlefield. Attacks continued in other cities.

The Ukrainian Air Force says six cruise missiles have been launched from the Black Sea. The two were stopped from reaching their destination near the western city of Elviv Airport.

According to Lviv’s Mayor Andrei Sadovy, a building was demolished and work on the facility was suspended before the strike. One person was injured and rescue workers were called to the scene, said Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the Lviv regional military administration.

The airstrikes near Lviv came less than a week after a Russian airstrike on a Ukrainian military training center 10 miles west of the Polish border. Liv is about 50 miles from the border. Polish immigration officials on Friday released the number of people who have left Ukraine for Poland Currently over two million.

Most fights between Invading Russian forces More Ukrainian troops are concentrated further east and south. In the eastern city of Kramatorsk, at least one missile struck a residential building overnight, killing two and wounding 16, said Pavlo Girlyenko, head of the regional military administration in the eastern Donetsk region.

The building, which burned down Thursday in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, has been the target of Russian shelling for weeks.


Alexander Ermoshenko / Reuters

The sound of artillery fire and small arms fire could be heard overnight on the outskirts of the capital, Kiev. A Russian rocket, allegedly shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces, landed in the vicinity of downtown, injuring half a dozen people cut by flying glass.

Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, who was standing in the ditch next to the burned apartments, said one person had been killed and four children were among the injured. “These are the results of this awful situation,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said his forces had detained Russian prisoners of war on the battlefield. Russia has made no attempt to release its prisoners of war, some of whom have refused to return. Mr. Zhelensky said in his nightly speech that he would not publicly discuss his strategy in the ceasefire talks.

“Working quieter than television, radio or radio


“I think this is right,” he said.

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, a firefighter extinguishes a burning car in Kiev on Friday.


State Emergency Service via REUTERS

President of Russia

Vladimir Putin

Speaking with German Chancellor Olaf Schuels on Friday, he stressed that the Ukrainian leadership was doing everything possible to delay talks on a ceasefire “by putting forward more and more credible proposals.”

“However, the Russian side is ready to continue the search for solutions in line with its well-known policy approaches,” the reading said.

The call, which lasted less than an hour, according to the German government, focused on efforts to end the war in Ukraine. During the call, Mr. Scholes stressed the urgent need for a ceasefire, the improvement in the humanitarian situation and the progress in the search for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

In the German parliament on Thursday, Mr. Zhelensky said he was the latest in a series of appeals seeking greater support for Western governments as European nations weigh in on sending more military equipment to Kiev.

In the United States, President Biden Talks to Chinese leaderXi Jinping, on Friday, sought to prevent Beijing from engaging deeper in its war effort with Moscow.

Refugees traveled from Ukraine to Moldova on Thursday.


Robin Losnak / Zuma Press

“We believe that China in particular has a responsibility to exercise its influence … and to uphold the international rules and policies that it claims to support,” Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken said on Thursday.

“On the contrary, we fear that China is moving in the opposite direction by refusing to condemn this aggression, while at the same time seeking to portray itself as a neutral mediator,” he said. “The United States is concerned about Beijing’s direct assistance to Russia, including military equipment for use in Ukraine,” he said.

Australia expanded its sanctions against Russia on Friday with 11 additional banks and state-owned enterprises, including billionaires Oleg Deribaska and Victor Wexelberg. Foreign Minister Maris Payne says most of Russia’s bank assets and all companies that handle Russia’s sovereign debt have been shut down by sanctions.

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