Survivor Cal’s gameplay shows a bearded badass

Cal wields a light blue sword in the latest Jedi: Survivor trailer.

screenshot: EA/Kotaku

Next up is Respawn Entertainment star Wars The game is almost here. New trailer shown Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorThe upgraded gameplay finally has a release date set for March 17, 2023. It was previously leaked on Steam, official. Plus Cal has a beard!

the event The platformer was first revealed in May and Five years after the events of fallen system. An earlier trailer showed the former Jedi becoming a fugitive from the Empire Cal Kestis Observe a mysterious figure inside a healing tank, as well as some other hidden scenes. The new dive into the sequel’s platform, combat, and new characters. Cal is no longer just a Padawan, and the gameplay tends to be just that.

Here is the trailer:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order It reappeared in 2019 and was a bright spot in Electronic Arts’ otherwise checkered history with star Wars license. Respawn takes on a galaxy far, far away and mixes new story beats in a style that harkens back to the original trilogy. Some items, such as Investigators headquarters levelis directly integrated into theIts star wars Cinematic Universe Across Obi-Wan Running series.

Combined with lightsabers and large AT-AT parts, the game was excellent for its low-key mix souls– Light items and metroidvania exploration. fallen regime It borrowed elements from a host of other successful genres and made it its own. Fans hope My grandfather: the survivor can do the same.

Also, that same year, it will release a 10-year EA exclusive agreement with Disney for star Wars The license expires. Now other major publishers and studios get their turn With the classic sci-fi franchise. Ubisoft’s Massive (the studio behind to divide) make open world star Wars game, Quantic Dream recently revealed Star Wars Eclipse takes on the ‘Era of the High Republic’ series. However, it is likely that these games are still several years away.

EA is also working on more star Wars games after that My grandfather: the survivor. He. She Announced earlier this year that Respawn was working on an ex-personnel shooter Medal of Honor director, partnering with an outside studio on a potentially mold-based strategy game XCOM.

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