Cities Week screams until it stops in tears

Even during my model Bachelor’s Season, hometown week is as intense as it gets. You meet skeptical family members, big feelings start to arise, and generally speaking, this is when the hopes of everyone who had previously held back any expectations suddenly rise all the way to the rafters. Our first leading man, Jerry Turner, has had a good game so far at ABC Golden Bachelor. But this week, he finally did the basics Bachelor’s There could be a huge mistake, which is admitting that he loves not one, not two, but three women.

However, the real mistake was telling the two of them face to face – an old faux pas that Ben Higgins and plenty of other bachelors after him know all too well.

This week, Jerry narrows us down to three women: Teresa, the sweet, New Jersey-born financial services professional, and dancer and fitness trainer Leslie (whom he once dated prince), a horse rider from Washington, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a general “fun-monger” faith. When we find out, he’s crazy about the three of them – and rightly so. But when it’s time to say goodbye, he leaves us a mess, breaking down in tears and (relatively) moaning, “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

And who can blame him?! These hometown dates were amazing.

Jerry began traveling to Shrewsbury, New Jersey, to meet Teresa’s sisters, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Usually a bachelor’s job is to win over parents who are protective of his lady, but now that we’re a few decades older, it’s all about charming the kids. Teresa’s grandchildren apparently enjoyed showing Jerry their best impression of the ‘duck face’ their grandmother likes to make in selfies, while he admitted to producers that he was falling in love with her. However, it is worth noting that he did not tell Teresa face to face, and she was the only one who did not receive this validation.

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Next, Geri traveled across the country to Benton, Washington, to meet Faith’s beloved horse, which she says she sometimes rides to the grocery store. The city of Benton is ruralBut Jerry, a retired restaurant owner from Indiana, is drawn to his surroundings immediately. He may have faltered when Teresa’s family asked him how they were dealing with the distance between their homes, but when he discussed the same with Faith, he seemed more confident. Meanwhile, Faith was unguarded with Jerry in a way that seemed to impress her entire family; She also explained during the episode that she grew up without a family, so she usually doesn’t allow herself to fall easily.

Perhaps this is the energy that Faith’s sister registered when she said to Jerry, “I can tell that you love Faith and that you want her to be her.”

Jinx it, much?! But actually, it seems like Jerry is very In it with Faith, who also got his first appearance on the first night. As if her sister’s comment wasn’t enough to kill me on the spot, Jerry had to turn around and mutter to Faith: “Can you say that out loud?” – At this point, they exchanged “I love you” and kissed. Where were those tissues again?

Jerry Turner during Hometown Week.


But oops, wait a minute — Jerry’s week of fun, family, and unprecedented emotional intimacy isn’t over yet!

Last but not least, Leslie, who is from Minneapolis, came and introduced Jerry to her children and grandchildren. But most importantly, Gerry met Lesley’s brother, Stuart, who looked after her after their father died when she was 16.

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Like every other concerned family member who has ever been honored Golden Bachelor Or else, Stuart just wanted to make sure Leslie wouldn’t have her heart trampled on. Surprisingly, he is also the only person Jerry has asked to bless a potential proposal. In the end, Leslie admitted to Jerry that she was no longer “in love” with him, but rather that she was completely in love with him, and so was he.

…Which brings us to the more raucous rose ceremony Golden BachelorIts short history. As expected, Jerry revealed that he “fell in love with three women”, but he could still propose to only one of them in the end. This means that one should go this week, but it remains to be seen who will go. Leslie got the first rose of the night, but Jerry left Teresa and Faith in limbo while he tearfully put the last rose back in her drawer, excusing himself to cry in the yard.

“I’m looking at two women who could either be my partners for the rest of my life,” says Jerry. “Sending someone home is painful. I’m dying inside a little bit.” (If he thinks this is painful, just wait until next week!)

Next week, we’ll finally see who Jerry sent home, and we’ll reunite with all the other women who left the mansion in “The Women Tell All.” Given the preview we got of Jerry tearfully apologizing for causing “so much pain” to whoever he sent home this week, there’s no better time than the present to place a big order for tissues.

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