Surveillance video shows deputies swarming over Irvo Otieno, who died in police custody

A related surveillance video has now been released Either runA mentally ill man who died of suffocation while in police custody.

Silent video shows him being led into the admissions room of Federal Hospital in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, on March 6 at 4:19 p.m., handcuffed and in leg irons. The 28-year-old was taken to a hospital. chair and nearly eight minutes later, at least two sheriff’s deputies are shown holding Odeo on the ground, reacting as he moves.

Sheriff’s deputies then seem to lose their grip on him and he is rolled to the ground. Four minutes later, more sheriff’s deputies and hospital staff arrived to restrain him. Moments later, at least nine people are seen holding Odiono down, while other hospital staff look on.

The video shows him being held down for 11 minutes.

“My son was treated like a dog. Worse than a dog. My son was tortured,” Odino’s mother, Caroline Ogo, said. I saw the video Last week.

Twenty minutes after entering the admissions room, Odio seems unmoved. The Washington Post reported that resuscitation efforts lasted less than an hour. Otio died on the spot. A preliminary report from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner identified asphyxiation as the cause of death.

“You see him being very brutally restrained with a knee to the neck,” said Ben Crump, an attorney representing Otteeno’s family.

Defense attorneys sought to block any release of the video, which shows The The Washington Post. Attorney Ann Cabell Baskerville said Tuesday she wants to make the video public.

The Washington Post says it obtained the video by clicking on Dropbox links listed in public court as part of Baskerville’s obligation to provide relevant information to the defense attorney.

Ten people Seven Virginia sheriff’s deputies and three hospital employees have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with her death.

On Tuesday, a Dinwiddie County grand jury will convene to finalize the charges.

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