Street Fighter 6 Rashid character guide released

Somehow, we’re already only a week away from the release of Street Fighter 6’s first DLC character, and now we can get a better sense of what he can do now.

Capcom just released the official character guide for Rashid in SF6, which breaks down his new mechanics and moves in the game.

The first thing covered in the character guide is the signature Spinning Mixer attack, which appears to work similarly to Street Fighter 5.

The light version still moves it forward on the ground, the medium version moves diagonally in the air and the heavy version goes up straight.

They’ve shown that he can land the Overdrive Spinning Mixer (an invincible reflex) after the Medium version, and the Heavy version acts as an anti-air that can strike behind him.

Next up is a returning Eagle Spike that pushes him forward with different special starting speeds depending on strength, which looks like it would be important to learn about his combo methods.

The Overdrive version launches the opponent into the air to give Rashid a follow-up tool that’s also good for spending some meters.

His Whirlwind Shot is also back from SF5, but it’s probably what changed the most from the last game.

Rashid can now charge up the attack by holding down the button which increases the number of hits and damage dealt by the shot, but that’s not all it does.

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Charging shots fully seems to leave behind a whirlwind that can improve/alter the characteristics of Rashid’s next attacks or movement options.

The Arabian Hurricane is the first of Rashid’s new specials for the SF6 and is a spinning kick that can be pursued in one of two different ways.

The first of these is the Wing Stroke air dash that causes him to fly towards an opponent, and he can perform aerial attacks outside of it.

His second option for exiting Arabian Tornado is Rolling Assault for moving forward and incoming attacks that are low level, and can be redundant if performed after the Heavy release.

He can also perform a Nail Assault kick from a roll as well while the OD version shoots the enemy and leaves behind a whirlwind like his charged projectile.

Arabian Skyhigh is his upcoming new special in SF6 that will basically allow Rashid to perform a double jump, which is pretty rare for a Street Fighter.

Furthermore, Rashid can perform aerial attacks after the jump with an OD release faster and perform a kick that will knock the opponent back to the ground – he was used after the OD Spinning Mixer.

To help control his movement, Rashid’s players can back off after the jump to not travel so far.

Super Rashid Kick is a level 1 Super Art that is invincible on startup and can be used as an air counter, but will only gain full animation and damage when performed against opponents on the ground.

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Rashid’s iconic V-Trigger from SF5, Ysaar, is back as a level 2 Super in SF6, which appears to move more horizontally now and stay on screen for some time until it makes contact with an opponent.

Like SF5, Ysaar boosts his next specials and also leaves behind a whirlwind to do so after the main tornado is gone as well.

Moving through the tornado will also increase Rashid’s dash and jump speed for more meld capabilities (including sprinting between opponents), but again, that’s not all.

Rashid can kick left across the screen if he slams it in his Arabian Hurricane style.

Altair is back in its level 3 level, but it’s flashier than before as it basically gets around kicking its enemy inside the giant tornado with the clue indicating it could be a good puncher against projectiles.

You can check out a guide to Rashid’s character below, ahead of his in-game launch on July 24.

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