Microsoft’s Copilot is getting the latest OpenAI model and a new code compiler

Microsoft is detailing a number of new features coming to its Copilot service soon, including the latest OpenAI models. Copilot will get GPT-4 Turbo support soon, along with an updated DALL-E 3 model, a new code translator feature, and deep search functionality within Bing.

Copilot will soon be able to respond using OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 Turbo model, which means it will “see” more data thanks to a 128KB context window. This larger context window will allow Copilot to better understand queries and provide better responses. “This model is currently being tested with selected users and will be widely integrated into Copilot in the coming weeks.” Youssef Mahdi explainsExecutive Vice President and Chief Consumer Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

Improvements to DALL-E 3 model.
Image: Microsoft

While waiting for the GPT-4 Turbo model to appear in Copilot, Microsoft is now using the enhanced DALL-E 3 model in Bing Image Creator and Copilot. “You can now use Copilot to create higher quality, more accurate images for claims using the updated DALL-E 3 form,” says Medhi.

Microsoft Edge, which includes a sidebar for Copilot, also has the ability to create text within text input on websites to retype sentences inline. You can now also use Copilot in Microsoft Edge to summarize the videos you watch on YouTube.

New code compiler feature for Copilot.
Image: Microsoft

Coders and developers may be interested in the new code translator feature that will be available in Copilot soon. This new feature will allow Copilot users to get more accurate calculations, data analysis, or even code from their AI chatbot. “Copilot will write code to answer your complex requests in natural language, run that code in an isolated environment and use the results to provide you with higher quality responses.” Microsoft explains. “You can also upload and download files to and from Copilot, so you can work with your own data and code as well as Bing search results.”

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On the Bing side, Microsoft is adding a “Deep Search” feature to its results. “Deep Search harnesses the power of GPT-4 to deliver improved search results for complex topics,” says Mehdi. “Activating deep search expands search queries to more comprehensive descriptions to deliver more relevant results.”

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