Spoilers for the May 21 episode of WWE NXT

WWE taped the May 21 episode of NXT with its usual live broadcast last night (May 14) at their Performance Center in Orlando. This is supposed to be done so that anyone who regularly works on the show will need to travel to Saudi Arabia The king and queen of the ring Next week you will be able to.

Here’s at least some of what we’ll see next Tuesday on USA Network, spoilers wise fighting‘s Corey Brennan:

Meta-Four interrupted NXT Champion Trick Williams’ in-ring promo. Gallus attacked Williams. Je’Von Evans tried to save Trick, but was unsuccessful.

• Lexus King was eliminated from the match. Mr. Stone appeared but didn’t say anything, just pointed at the big screen to reveal King’s opponent: Dante Chen.

• Dante Chen def. Lexus King

• Jayda Parker def. Brynley Reece qualifies for the six-pack ladder match at Battleground for the new North American Women’s Championship

• Fallon Henley def. Thea Hale advances to a six-pack ladder match at Battleground for the new North American Women’s Championship

• Joe Coffey replaced Ivar in the trilogy to determine the No. 1 contender for North American Men’s Champion Aoba Femi. Somehow (Brennan’s report did not specify), both Kofi and Wes Lee were declared the winners of the match, and Femi vs. Kofi vs. Lee was officially declared the winner on the battlefield.

• Axiom and Nathan Frazier successfully defended the NXT Tag Titles against Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and Luca Crosifino of the D’Angelo Family. Again no details, but both OC and No Quarter Catch Crew participated in the match.

• Carmen Petrovich and Natalia def. Shayna Baszler and Lola Weiss

• After the main event, Weiss turned on Baszler and “dropped” her. Shayna recovered and “choked.” [Vice] Out.” NXT General Manager Ava had a match between Vice and Baszler battlefieldShayna said that they will face each other in an underground match.

Sound worth a few hours of your time next Tuesday night?

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