Several crew members were injured in a crash during the filming of Eddie Murphy's movie “The Pickup.”

An accident occurred on the set of the MGM Studios heist movie in Georgia Capture—Starring Eddie Murphy, Pete Davidson and Keke Palmer, the studio announced that it caused “several” crew members to be injured on Tuesday. An anonymous source familiar with what happened to… News agency The accident was a collision between a car, a truck and a car during filming. The news service reported that a truck was “locked” and unexpectedly collided with the car. Among the injured crew members, two people were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones, but both are expected to make a full recovery. “It was a complete freak accident,” an AP source told the AP. “It wasn't even a complicated or dangerous stunt.” MGM has released few details about what happened, but in a statement to the AP, a company spokesperson said: “All safety precautions were reviewed prior to filming and monitored during filming.” The statement added: “Unfortunately, the sequence did not go as planned and a number of crew members were injured as a result. “We are still gathering the facts about what happened and why, but first and foremost, our thoughts are with those who are recovering.” The AP reported that Murphy, Davidson and Palmer were not on set during the incident. The scene was filmed just outside Atlanta, where filming has been taking place since February 20. Pick-up No release date has been set yet, but production is not expected to be delayed due to Tuesday's incident.

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