Chelsea Handler Attacks Ex-Husband Joe Koy During Critics' Choice Monologue – Deadline

Chelsea Handler, who hosted the 29th annual Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday, praised women in film, criticized studio executives and criticized her ex-boyfriend, comedian Joe Koy, who was widely criticized for hosting the Golden Globes a week ago.

“Thank you for laughing at that — my book was written by them,” Handler said at one point, referring to Coy blaming his book in the middle of a dying Golden Globes monologue last Sunday that included a joke about… Barbie Bust line.

Comedian, actress and former talk show host Handler, in her second consecutive role as Critics Choice host, also praised 2023 as “one of the most exciting years for movies and TV,” citing sexually explicit films like Saltburn And Bad things. She joked that she personally prefers older men like Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro — “guys who have been around since the invention of railroads.”

“Unfortunately, Martin Scorsese is not here tonight,” Handler continued, referring to the Best Director nominee for his film. Moonflower Killers“But that won't stop me from telling everyone in this room that I'm going to throw him away like a little Italian meatball.”

“Thank you for the laughs, it was written in my book,” she added.

“Women have triumphed across the board,” Handler said. “Barbie At the box office, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are on tour. Gwyneth Paltrow on that skiing experience.

“This year has proven that when women have the opportunity, they show up for each other and dominate the culture. You could almost say it was the year of the women,” Handler said. “I mean women can say that. Bill Maher would say: Is she still talking?

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“With Barbie, Greta [Gerwig] “She became the highest-paid director of all time,” Handler said to applause. “Once again, over $1.4 billion at the box office. So, while David Zaslav was putting on a zip-up jacket and sailing to Saint-Tropez, a very talented woman swooped in with a film about female empowerment and saved the entire music and film industry.

Referring to the actors' and writers' strikes, Handler said: “Of course no one has had a harder time this year than studio executives, who have had to take vacation for six straight months.”

Handler, based on her decision to return as CCA host, doesn't necessarily consider awards shows to be hostile territory. In a Critics' Choice Awards promo posted on X, formerly Twitter, Handler also promised that it would not be defeated — or replaced — by artificial intelligence. In the bit, Handler fights a dowdy-looking replica of AI Handler who tells her: “Beat it, Blondie!” It rattles off vintage references including Handler's long-deceased dog, Chunk.

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“Who programmed you, Elon Musk?” asks the therapist.

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