Sen said he would suffer a stroke and fully recover. Ben Ray Lujan expects

Loujan began experiencing dizziness and fatigue on Thursday, and was being examined at Christos St. Vincent Regional Hospital before being transferred to New Mexico University Hospital. Report Lujan’s chief executive posted on the Democrats’ Twitter account.

“As part of his treatment plan, he underwent decompressive surgery to reduce inflammation,” the report said. “He is currently being cared for at UNM Hospital, is resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Democrat New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted, “I send all my best to enSenatorLujan and his family.”

“Ben Ray is a tough Nordino and I know he’s going to fight for New Mexico families on the Senate site soon – all of New Mexico wish him a speedy and complete recovery.”

Lujan’s health fears underscore the weakness of the Democrats’ narrow majority in the Senate. In his absence, the Democratic Caucasus party will face difficulties in securing line votes and nominations – such as President Joe Biden. Upcoming Supreme Court appointment.

The Senate Democrats will need 51 votes to confirm the Supreme Court nominee, and if none of the Republicans support the candidate, Vice President Kamala Harris must break the coalition and unite all 50 Caucasus members behind Biden’s election.

Biden said he would make his choice to the Supreme Court last month By the end of February, Although Loujan did not serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, his absence after Biden announced his election will not affect the immediate work of Democrats. Tuesday’s report did not specify when Lujan is expected to return.

Illinois Senate Democrat Whip Dick Durbin said it was his responsibility to make sure Democrats had enough votes to pass the law and confirm the candidates, and Lozan was unaware that he had suffered a stroke until reporters told him Tuesday afternoon.

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“Oh my God, I do not know,” Durbin replied, adding that it was unclear how Lujan’s absence would affect the voting schedule.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters, “First of all, we all pray for Ben Ray and his family. We are all grateful for his complete recovery.”

“We look forward to his speedy return to the Senate, and I hope the Senate will be able to continue its business,” the New York Democrats added.

Senate of the Democratic Party of Delaware. Chris Goons said, “Today we need to focus on Ben Ray’s health and his family and his recovery.” Any unexpected or difficult progress will make it harder. “

The story was updated on Tuesday with additional information.

CNN’s Dead Barrett, Ali Jaslow, Jessica Dean, Lauren Fox and Morgan Rimmer contributed to the report.

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