By 2021, a large number of Americans will have left their jobs

The number of workers leaving last month in health care and social work jobs, restaurants, hotels and construction work has been declining. Came out in good production unsustainable.

The U.S. labor market recorded a net employment gain of 6.4 million last year, despite the large number of people leaving their jobs.

In all, of the 75.3 million workers hired last year, 68.9 million were laid off or laid off. Of these so-called divisions, 47.4 million were voluntary exits.

Accordingly, the number of layoffs reached a new record of 1.2 million in December, showing that the negative impact of the Omicron variant did not fully hit the labor market at the end of last year.

Jobs were up 10.9 million in December, compared to a rise in the data series 11.1 million in July.

The labor shortage continues

For American companies, the labor shortage is still the same as it was in the summer. Home Depot (HD) There is a plan to face the challenge: Quick job opportunities.

Job applicants can “get the offer within a day of applying,” the world’s largest home improvement retailer said Tuesday.

Home Depot’s accelerated recruitment process is part of a plan to hire more than 100,000 new partners ahead of its busy spring season.

“In today’s climate, job seekers are shopping for the best opportunity,” said Eric Schelling, vice president of global talent acquisition at Home Depot.

To attract workers, Home Depot offers a variety of benefits to job seekers, including promotion plans, tuition repayments, cash bonus plans and discounted stock purchases.

Epidemic has forced us to reconsider how we work. A New study The University of Michigan released Tuesday shows college-educated workers prioritize job interest in financial security, forcing companies to reconsider what they offer their employees.

–CNN’s Matt Egan contributed to this report.

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