SAG-AFTRA Clarifies Studio’s Halloween Costume Ban Doesn’t Affect Kids – Deadline

There will be peace in Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s house after all this Halloween.

None of Green lantern The co-stars’ children will be branded scabies by their father while trick-or-treating, thanks to a fashion guidelines clarification from SAG-AFTRA this evening.

“SAG-AFTRA issued Halloween guidance in response to questions from creators and members about how to support the strike during this holiday season,” a union spokesperson said Friday, where the de facto ban on costumes has been widely ridiculed and ridiculed. “This was intended to help them avoid promoting striking action, and is the latest in a series of guidelines we have issued.”

“This does not apply to anyone’s children,” SAG-AFTRA now says.

“We have been on strike for important reasons, for nearly 100 days. Our first priority remains getting the studios back to the negotiating table so we can get a fair deal for our members, and finally get our industry back to work,” the union concluded.

All of this means that with SAG-AFTRA’s 160,000 members entering their fourth month on strike and no date set for new talks with the studios since the latter suspended deliberations on October 11, dead pool The 8-year-old child actor can wear a costume dead pool or Barbie Or any other big or small screen character you want.

Whether or not there’s an abundance of zombies and skeletons on the picket lines, next week and at the end of the month, SAG-AFTA member Reynolds’s hilarious jab at his union has also seen others take a harsher approach in response to what’s coming – called a directive.

Shortly after SAG-AFTRA published its 2023 Halloween guidelines, Mandy Moore took to social media on Thursday to announce: “Is this a joke? Come on @sagaftra. This is important? We ask that you negotiate in good faith on our behalf. So many people in every aspect of this industry have been sacrificing so hard for months. Go back to the table and get a fair deal so everyone can get back to work.

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Melissa Gilbert was more dismissive of these directives.

“Is that what you guys came up with? ‘Literally no one cares what anyone wears on Halloween,'” former SAG president and The Little House on the Briarthe star exclaimed on Instagram. “I mean, do you really think this kind of childish stuff will end the strike? We sound like a joke. Please tell me you’ll abolish this rule… and go negotiate!”

Or as dead pool He himself said it in the 2016 film: Life is an endless series of trainwrecks with only brief respites of commercial happiness.

trick or treat!

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