Gatorland gives a name to the alligator’s missing upper half of its jaw


The crocodile that was transported to him Gatorland After being reported to be wandering around Central Florida with the top half of its jaw missing, it now has a name, the park announced in Social media video Wednesday.

The inspiration comes from decades-old country music about a beautiful romantic rival.

Jolene, named after Dolly Parton’s 1973 song “Jolene,” continues to receive treatment separately from the other Gatorland animals. The female alligator gained about 0.3 grams, or 0.01 ounce, according to alligator enrichment coordinator Savannah Boan.

Gatorland, which acquired the gator earlier this month, chose Jawlene from a list of names submitted by park-goers and fans of the viral reptile, Mark McHugh, the park’s CEO, said in the video.

McHugh also shared that Jawlene reached a new milestone on Wednesday by eating two entire mice on her own using the back of her tongue.

McHugh added that the zoo had a conversation with makers of animal and human prosthetics about a potential prosthetic upper jaw for Jolene, but decided to hold off until the alligator felt comfortable in its new environment and gained more weight.

“This little alligator is an absolute treasure,” he said.

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