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Friday afternoon update: Sony Films / Phase 6 / Blum House Insidious: The Red Door Looking for horror Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Far from the top spot after the series’ best previews came out last night with $5 million. For now, it seems $13.25 million Today (including previews) by Patrick Wilson starring and directing Horror V with a $26 million Take in 3,188 theaters. dew be seen $8 million On Second Friday, -66%, for a swing weekend between $24 million – $26 million in 4,600 locations, -59%. Very close to calling at this point For each of the studios: insidious It is front loading and dew It can attract families on Saturdays (however, many competitors already claim red door winner). Still, even if red door Falling in at number two, it’s another great opening for a post-pandemic horror movie, especially for Sony that hasn’t had a big hit in the genre for quite some time, let alone a fat cash cow given the $16 Wilson and Rose Byrne pic. M production cost before P&A.

at the top end of its width now, dewThe running total can go up to $120.7 million by EOD Sunday.

Coming in sixth place is the new Lionsgate entry Joy Ride Low gas tank $2.6 million Today (including $1.1 million previews) and estimates $5.6 million 3 days at 2820. That’s despite the rave reviews, coming right out of the SXSW premiere, at 91% certified fresh.

“Voice of Freedom,” Yessica Boruto Berryman, Courtesy Everett Collection

Angel Studios’ Jim Caviezel thriller, Freedom’s voiceAnd is ringing $4.75 million On the fourth day of its release, i.e. 3 days from $15 millionand 6 days of distance $36.3 million in 2,850 theaters. Hollywood may have trouble snapping up right-wing groups for tickets and handing them out to moviegoers, but the show is done with the dough.

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Disney / Pixar racist Witnesses on Friday the fourth of $2.6 million-24%, for the fourth weekend of $8.4 million-31%, and the total run by Sunday of $107.9 million.

Sony Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse It is estimated Friday the sixth of $2.3 million-32% for 3 days from $7.5 million-38%, for a running total 357.1 million dollars.

Friday morning: Sony Films / Stage 6 Films / Blumhouse’s Fifthquel Insidious: The Red Door semi closed Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Yesterday at the box office. Patrick Wilson starring in and directing the PG-13 horror film Frightened 5 million dollars In previews at 2,806 locations showtimes began at 4 p.m. This amount of money is very close to what it is dew Early estimates are showing around $5.2 million for the day of the week that ended in $94.5 million for $300 million plus the Disney/Lucasfilm finale sequel. insidious large with women under the age of 25, Indiana Jones with older men.

red door Post the best previews ever for insidious 2018’s hit movie Insidious: The Last Key ($1.98 million), and $1.6 million Insidious: Chapter 2 And 3 got both of them.

dew With PLFs and Imax screens dilution is expected to be around -60% according to industry estimates $24 million – but don’t underestimate the lifelike power of red door that follow around $22 million. It’s going to be a fun weekend July 4th before Paramount/Skydance lights the fuse Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 Wednesday. However, remember that horror films are front-loading and can be shown on Saturdays. so he said, Insidious: The Last Key It saw a decline of -13% on its first Saturday versus Friday (which included previews).

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2013 Insidious Chapter 2 It has the highest opening for a movie in the 13-year-old horror franchise with $40.2 million. However, the fourth, insidious: the last key, It was a hit on its $10 million production cost with a gross of $29.5 million.

actually, Indiana JonesFirst week in 4,600 advanced theaters No time to die$75.2 million ($160.8 million approved). Remember, the 007 finale opened at a time when everyone was still fickle about returning to movie theaters during the pandemic.

The critics have never been so great insidious Movies: The former was 66% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but the latter was 2018 Insidious: The Last Key achieved 33%. The franchise still hasn’t been so cursed by reviews that it can’t be a cash cow; red door At a cost of $16 million by P&A. Critics gave The Final Chapter Here, which also stars the series Rose Byrne, a rotten 45%, while the RT audience currently has it at 72% – higher than the original film (62%) and The last key (50%).

From left: Sabrina Wu, Ashley Park, Sherri Cola and Stephanie Hsu on ‘Joy Ride’

Ed Arakel/Lionsgate

Lionsgate and Point Gray Joy Ride Previews were also held last night and Wednesday at 6 p.m $1.1 million. Adele Lim’s ill-fated R-directed Asian-American comedy is looking for between $7 million and $9 million at 2,820 locations. Companies: R rated. Girls trip Back in 2017, it made $1.7 million in previews—but Joy Ride It is not expected to follow the box office trajectory of the pic which had an opening of $31.2 million. Joy RideThe extended preview is here above last summer’s Asian-American comedy Joo Koi, Easter Holiday, which was PG-13 and grossed $500,000 for a $5.4 million opening weekend.

“Voice of Freedom,” Amazon Prime Video/Everett Collection

What else is going on: Jim Caviezel’s thriller from Angel Studios Freedom’s voice After posting an opening day of $11.5M on July 4 plus raked in another $2.5M in crowdfunding dollars, it fell like a rock Wednesday with $3.6M -69%, but held steady Thursday with an estimated rating 3.5 million dollars In 2,634 theaters, down -5% from Wednesday, bringing the total number of theaters on Tuesday and Thursday. $21.3 million. It wouldn’t be shocking if the pic grossed $30 million by Sunday. The box office phenomenon here is that there is so much right-wing group money pouring into the crowdfunder pic, with moviegoers getting a free tux. Still, it is a business for cinemas.

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Disney / Pixar racist It finished third on Thursday at $3,650 for $2 million, up 4% from Wednesday, but took second place for the week with a third batch of $22 million (ahead of Sony). Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseFifth week, with $21.2 million). racist It stands at $99.4 million in cume jogging, while Speedy At a price of 349.6 million dollars. Last Thursday it was $1.75 million, -6% from Wednesday at 3,405 theaters.

Fifth Thursday was a Sonny Jennifer Lawrence R comedy, no hard feelings, With an estimated $970,000, -11% from Wednesday, for a second week of $13.3 million, and a total of $35.1 million. The film has already surpassed the gross domestic product of Sony’s R-rated Bawdy Scarlett Johansson comedy, Rough night which ended with $22.1 million.

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