Northeast New Jersey Transit Corridor, North Jersey coast line with limited service

New York — For the third morning in a row, New Jersey Transit service has been suspended due to overhead wiring issues.

NJ Transit says its Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast lines have resumed with limited service in both directions.

CBS New York’s Natalie Doddridge spoke with passengers at a station in Iselin, where many people showed up unaware there was a problem.

It was a stressful morning for a man who was trying to catch a train to Newark Liberty International Airport to catch a flight, only to learn from passengers that trains have been cancelled.

He said, “I have to get to the airport.” “I just found out.”

It was also an upsetting start to the day for the dozens of commuters and tourists heading to Manhattan.

“We want to see the Freedom Tower. We’re from Wisconsin,” said Eric Austin. “I’m out here trying to have fun and he’s like an animal in that little thing with a wheel and I’m not going anywhere.”

Jared Austin added, “It’s a little frustrating. And they don’t really give you any information on how to get a refund or anything like that. So I’ve been standing here for 20 minutes.”

The problem, according to Amtrak, was Rahway’s overhead power issues, causing delays and speed restrictions from Philadelphia to New York, temporarily canceling all Keystone trains and affecting NJ Transit service.

“Now we have to figure it out, maybe we’ll go to Woodbridge,” said Angela Austin, a passenger on the flight.

At about 2 p.m., stranded passengers had to board an NJ Transit train parked on the tracks near Maplewood on the Morris and Essex Line due to an overhead wire problem. Dozens of passengers were loaded onto buses as crews scrambled to solve the problem.

Chopper 2 was over the Rahway rail yard while a yellow transit truck with crew members attempted to restore power. A Little Too Late by Anthony Mocquegrossi.

“Very frustrating, because it happens all the time,” he said. “I’ll have to take an Uber like yesterday… I split it with someone, luckily. We took it to Secaucus and then hopped on the train there.”

“It’s one minute, and then the other, something else,” said Marie Cruz, a passenger on the flight.

There were also service issues on Monday, WednesdayAnd Thursday And now it’s Friday, it’s delaying people getting to work.

Captain Odalis Kennedy said she usually got to work at about 9:30 in the morning

“Yesterday I got there around 11,” she said. “It’s worse than ever, but New Jersey Transit gets to you late almost every time.”

“It’s too much, because it was canceled yesterday too,” added one woman.

“I don’t know if it’s to do with the powerful actuators, or if the wires are sag due to thermal expansion. I don’t know what the thing is. The thing is, it’s about 90 degrees. It was much hotter and the thing doesn’t fall apart,” said Joe Versaggi, president of the New Jersey Railroad Commuters Association. Iron, “Why now? I don’t know”.

“It makes you wonder, ‘Where does the money go? I paid $310 a month for a pass. The train is canceled, delayed, and stopped. We do the morning crawl,'” Mochegrossi said.

NJ Transit says rail passes and passes are honored by NJ Transit bus, private carriers, and PATH at Newark Penn Station, Hoboken, and Penn Station New York.

click here For the latest information from NJ Transit.

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