RB’s new sandwich is very spicy and comes with a free shake

From Monday to February 6, Arby’s new Diablo Dare sells what is considered to be the “spicy sandwich on the market.” It costs $ 5.99 and offers a 12-ounce vanilla milkshake for free.

The sandwich has five spice sources, including ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot spices, fire-fried jalapenos, and a special BBQ sauce that is all placed between the bread in a red chip. Customers can opt for a crispy chicken batter or smoked brisket for protein.

“This is not a sandwich for heartburn,” Patrick Swing, RBI’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “Everyone in the fast service restaurant industry says they have a spicy preference, but our research shows that consumers are frustrated by spicy fast food claims.”

Fast food fans have endless options for spicy sandwiches because it is an easy alternative to sell and customers have an insatiable appetite for them.

Within the last year, Of Wendy (Wen) Has started a sale Jalapeno Popper SandwichIs a spicy version of Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich and McDonald’s (MCD) A Spicy chicken sandwich. Other chains included Boston MarketTaco Bell, In the chipotle (CMG) And Popeye’s There are various spicy protein options and toppings.
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