Random: Great Scott! These Splatoon 3 bonuses sure sound familiar

Photo: Universal Pictures

Splatoon 3 Channels all kinds of youthful and upscale themes, but the third entry also appears to have taken some inspiration from a number of popular films from the ’80s. Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

As a number of Inklings and Octolings have noted across various social media platforms, the latest outing has some elements and bonuses that seem to pay tribute to films like Back to the futureAnd the star Wars and maybe even Ghostbusters.

Aside from the Marty McFly mask and Doc’s goggles, it appears that Splatoon 3 may also have a reference to the ‘Keymaster helmet’ from Ghostbusters (known in-game as Brain Strainer) and the experimental Rebel helmets that appeared in Star Wars (known as the ‘Astro Helmet’). within the game). Here are some additional photos of the Grizzco equipment:

What do you think of these items? Will you wear them in battle? Comment below.

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