Rachel McAdams plays her doppelgänger in surprise sketch – Deadline

After introducing Renee Rapp's musical, Rachel McAdams commented about 30 Rock in a skit Saturday Night Live.

Because of her name and example, McAdams played an aspiring actress in the shadow of two other famous actresses. Not only is she constantly wrong Diaries Star Rachel McAdams, whose name is Natalie Baartman, is very close to another familiar actress. You know one.

When host Jacob Elordi joins the sketch as a senior actor hoping to inspire some confidence in these young actors, he is surprised to find McAdams there.

Highlight? It is amazing! He said. She quickly corrected him, adding that in order to make money, she created OnlyFans.

“I was sued by Rachel McAdams, who accused me of deepfaking her,” she said. She asks Elordi's character for advice on how to succeed in the industry, and asks if she thinks she's a better actress than McAdams.

“I'll answer that. No,” interjects acting coach Bowen Yang. As the students move on to reading some of the scenes they have prepared for feedback, they groan when Natalie Baartman tells the group that she has chosen a scene from Diaries.

See the full graphic below.

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