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Black Adam faces off with Hawkman

Black Adam has a big showdown at the end of his movie credits.
picture: Warner Bros.

Superhero movie ending credits scenes are usually some of the movie’s best kept secrets. Nobody dares to discuss or spoil the great plot or plot development that happens after the movie, setting the table for what’s to come. In the A state of black Adam anywayThis was not entirely the case.

rumors about a A certain character appears in the movie It started months ago. and like The release date of the movie is approaching And the closer, the possibility became stronger and stronger. then, Black Adam himselfDwayne Johnson started talking about her in terms that didn’t quite spoil her, but she didn’t hide it either. So, the discussion becomes not just what the final credit scene is, but what the scene means for the future and how it happened. We’ve covered all of that and more.

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During the credits Black Adam Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) tells the anti-hero that he may stay on Earth but must stay in Kandak City. Adam disagrees and says that there is no one on this planet who can stop him. Waller says she can talk to someone who isn’t from this planet – which When a very familiar red and blue suit falls from the sky. It’s Superman, played by Henry Cavill, who tells Black Adam they need to talk.

But, as we said, we knew it was going to happen. Johnson has been talking about Superman fairly publicly for a while now. He’s even confirmed in interviews that he’d love to fight the character in an upcoming movie. And the Can It will happen. This is not the most interesting part of all this, anyway.

Superman in court.

Cavill in Man of Steel
picture: Warner Bros.

What is more interesting is How It happened. according to The Hollywood ReporterNeither Superman nor Cavill were in the plans black Adam When the movie started production. It wasn’t long until the idea was floated and later closed down by then-President of DC Films, Walter Hamadeh. According to the trade, Hamada “tried very hard to move the capital beyond the era when one of the directors, in this case, Zack Snyder, had an excessive amount of influence and could rule an entire roster for years.” But Johnson didn’t take “no” as an answer. He went over Hamada’s head, agreed to the inscription, and, after what he described as “angry” negotiations, sealed the deal in the past few months. (It’s also worth noting that Cavill and Johnson are represented by the same director, Danny Garcia. Also, Hamada recently left DC Films.)

It seems that these negotiations are not limited to this appearance. As reported earlier this week, producers are looking for a book for a new movie from Cavill Superman. Will that appear black Adam? be independent? we do not know.

Cavill in a black suit

Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
picture: Warner Bros.

We also don’t know if Cavill’s Superman will still have links to Zack Snyder’s universe. One hint that it might be Not be the case come in black Adam the scene itself. When Superman appears, there’s a very subtle musical nod to John Williams’ theme from the 1978 original Superman Movie. It is not the topic that Hans Zimmer wrote for 2013 man of steel. Talk to io9 black Adam Composer Lorne Balfe on Choice, While he did not explain exactly how the selection was made, he made it clear that the selection was very deliberate.

“A lot of thought was given to why this topic was chosen. It was not just a random idea,” the composer told io9. “There is a connection to it… Everyone has anything to do with it [that scene] He spent quite a bit of time debating the topic that should be brought up there… There are reasons for what could happen.”

These are the intended reasons To banish this new batch of DC movies from the Snyderverse? Again, we don’t know. But what we do know is that Black Adam brought Henry Cavill back into the role of Superman, and it wasn’t easy, and Warner Bros.So does Dwayne Johnson-Plan to take full advantage.

black Adam Now in theaters.

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