PSA: Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom News provides free in-game items

Photo: Nintendo Live/Nintendo

As you may remember, Nintendo recently released an update at the beginning of this month for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – adding a feature that allows users to redeem in-game items from the Switch’s news channel.

Continuing on from the free Hylian Shroom and Solider’s Broadsword distribution in the previous news article, it’s now offering “two Dazzlefruit” to players. Here’s how to retrieve these items:

How to retrieve items from the Switch News channel

1. In the main toggle menu, select the “News” icon
2. Scroll to Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears story “Dazzle Foes to the Bone with Dazzlefruit”
3. Click “Play Now” inside the news article
4. Boot Zelda, load your game file
5. “Have two pieces of Dazzlefruit.”

Here’s a little bit about Dazzlefruit and what they can do, according to Nintendo:

Let us offer a word of advice—at times like these, look no further than the humble Dazzlefruit. These plants create a bright flash of light when thrown, blinding your enemies, but against bone monsters they are most effective, defeating them instantly before they can kill you. They could blink…as if.”

To receive these items, you will need to be running the latest version of Tears of the Kingdom (1.2.0). Of course, if these fruits are not enough to your liking, there are certain other ways to get more items. You can learn about this in our previous stories:

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