Which Google Pixel device do you currently use on a daily basis? [Poll]

Every year we ask you which Google Pixel phone you carry every day – and 2024 will be no different.

It's always interesting to get an idea of ​​what kind of phone he uses 9to5Google The public he works with daily. Sure, we're largely focused on Google's product families, but Android comes in a number of shapes, sizes, spec packages, and price points. It's a tough market to crack, but Google seems to be making progress year after year.

Take a look around and you'll likely see more Google Pixel phones today than at any other time. This is not without evidence. According to multiple reports, the brand is gaining market share in several regions including Japan, the UK and even the US. These numbers are still not huge, but the gain in a very competitive market is a gain nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the high sales numbers were tempered by another, less recent report from last year that claimed that Google Pixel owners are actually more likely to switch brands than owners of other smartphones. You could easily say that this survey was flawed and doesn't quite line up with what our readers are telling us. High-profile marketing and media campaigns are certainly helping to increase awareness of the Google Pixel brand – both positively and negatively.

Since 2016, Google has launched 23 Pixel devices. It's technically 24, and there's no room in our poll for Pixel tablet. Our reasoning is that you're unlikely to be using this in place of a smartphone – it's a secondary display after all. This leaves us with the following options:

Tell us which Google Pixel model you have by voting below, and if you have multiple models, let us know your reasons in the comments section.

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