PS5 version: Homebrew Loader by John Tornblum

The PS5 releases keep coming and it’s hard to catch up. Following Sleirsgoevy’s success with PS4 FPKG support, developer John Tornblom has released the Homebrew BigApp downloader for PS5. Homebrew Loader has been confirmed to work on firmware 3.21 and 4.50, but is still a work in progress.

The bundled applications on PS5 are divided into several categories: SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_BIG_APP, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_MINI_APP, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_INVALID, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_DAEMON, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_CDLG, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_SHELL_APP. The “macro app” and “micro app” in particular are

The “Homebrew” apps on PS5 are classified as “Big Apps,” which is why you’ll occasionally see that name on the scene.

Download and use

As a reminder, you need a hacked PS5 to be able to play this.

The HB Loader is ELF, and should theoretically work on Webkit or BD-JB builds of the PS5 Exploit.

For best results, you should source and collect them yourself:

Alternatively, there is a pre-created version provided by Pi Chan on the Discord Server on PS5. You can get it here

Load the ELF “Homebrew Loader” as usual, then you can send your homebrew to port 9021 (see code profile)

Technically, there aren’t any homebrews that I know of for the PS5 yet, but John has included a test homebrew with his code for people to test.

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