Epic will take a 12% cut of Epic Games Store sales when it launches on iPhone this year

There are more developments today in the ongoing battle between Apple and some of its biggest rivals in the App Store. First, in a new amicus curiae brief filed in the US today, Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match Group have teamed up to oppose Apple's proposed changes to the anti-guidance in the US.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has shared more details about its plans to launch its own app marketplace for iPhone in the European Union. The company says it will take a commission of 12% of sales…

in the United States of America

As a result of its legal battle with Epic Games in the US, Apple has been forced to relax its anti-directive rules that previously prevented developers from linking to alternative payment systems in their apps.

However, as part of its plan, Apple said it will still charge a commission for purchases made through alternative payment platforms. This commission is 12% for developers who are members of the App Store Small Business program and 27% for other apps.

Epic Games has already expressed its opposition to Apple implementing the anti-guidance changes, and called on the court to hold Apple in contempt of court.

In a new amicus curiae brief filed with the court today, Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match Group have now formally announced that they do not believe Apple is complying with the order. the edge He explains:

Friends say Apple's 12 to 27 percent fee on third-party purchases defeats the purpose of the new requirements since it's only a few percentage points lower than what developers will be required to pay for in-app purchases. Third-party purchasing fees could make it unrealistic for developers to even set up an external payments system, since other transaction costs they might incur through that route could wipe out any of the 3 percent gains they might get from moving away from Apple's system. Additionally, customers are less likely to choose the outside option if it is at the same or higher price.

In the European Union

Meanwhile, across the pond, Odyssey has She revealed some additional details About the upcoming Epic Games App Store in the EU. As part of today's Game Developers Conference, the company revealed that it hopes to launch its Epic Games Store for iPhone and Android in the EU by the end of the year.

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Epic says terms for developers will be the same across the Epic Games Store on mobile as they are on the Epic Games Store Epic Games Store on PC. As such, the company will receive a 12% commission on all sales through the Epic Games Store. The revenue share is 100% to the developer for the first six months on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store will feature Epic's own content, including Fortnite, along with a selection of third-party partners. The company says it will share additional details in the lead-up to the launch later this year.

Finally, we shared more about our plans to bring the Epic Games Store (EGS) to mobile later this year. EGS will become the first multi-platform store focused on games, and will operate across Android, iOS, PC and macOS. Mobile developers will benefit from the same fair terms as EGS for PC: 88/12 revenue share and the same software you can leverage to keep 100% of revenue using your own payments for in-app purchases, Epic first runAnd Now onto the epic. More on this soon!

As part of its changes in the EU for DMA, Apple announced a reduced commission structure in January. For developers who choose the new terms, they will pay 17% plus 3% if the apps use Apple's in-app purchasing system. Small business software developers will pay a 10% commission, plus 3%, down from 15%.

There is also a basic technology fee, which charges €0.50 per annual installation, for apps popular enough to move more than 1 million units per year. Apple estimates that less than 1% of developers will pay CTF.

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Developers in the EU can also choose to adhere to the current App Store terms, where the commission is 30% for large developers or 15% for developers who earn less than $1 million per year.

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