Doom 4 footage reveals how different it is

It looks like the canceled Doom 4 will be very different from its predecessors, and a new video of unedited footage shows just how far the game has gone.

Posted on Youtube Featured by Noclip’s video game documentary channel, the footage shows an entirely different atmosphere for the franchise. The player is shown being chased into sewers by demons crawling on the wall and ceiling, while horror music swells in the background. It gives a more survival horror vibe than the high-octane action of Doom games. Some prototype shots also evoke memories of Rage, another series developed by id Software.

Doom 4 was officially announced back in 2008. After disappearing from the news cycle for a number of years, it was officially re-revealed as Doom, which will continue to be launched in 2016.

In our IGN Unfiltered interview with the software’s executive producer, Marty Stratton, we learned that Doom 4 had been abandoned in favor of 2016’s Doom because the project was “more of a Doom in name than anything else.”

“The thing is; it was still good. It was a good match. It was still a long way from getting off the ground, so it had ways to go,” Stratton said at the time. “We were multiple teams at once… A lot of people were working on Rage and then we refocused attention around us [DOOM] And I lacked some of those essential things for DOOM.”

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Logan Blunt is a freelance writer for IGN. You can find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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