Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players celebrate the 'climax of the anime' trainer battle with the BB champion

Niladri Sarkar

Pokemon trainer Scarlet and Violet wowed everyone by displaying a perfect battle against BB champion Kieran in the Indigo Disk DLC, with fellow players claiming the match was “a joy to watch”.

Before Trainers can go to Zone Zero to catch the highly coveted Legendary species Terapagos in the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they'll have to defeat Kieran, the champion of Blueberry Academy.

But this battle is not a typical battle, as the story involves Kieran's frustrations over his inability to catch Ogerpon in the Teal Mask DLC and going on a “revenge arc” to become stronger with new Pokémon like Hydrapple.

That's not all, as Kieran also has a funny reaction if the protagonist uses Ogerpon in the hero's battle, indicating obvious tension during that moment.

Now, the player's battle with Kieran has sent the Pokemon community into a frenzy due to the events taking place in the intense showdown.

A Reddit user named “flyinczechwaiian” shared a video of his fight with Kieran on Downloadable content on Indigo disc “I couldn't have asked for a more epic conclusion to my match with Kieran,” he wrote.

The video shows the OP using Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon against Kieran's signature Pokemon Hydrapple as the Legendary tanks an all-out Fickle Beam from Dipplin's powerful DLC evolution, and goes on to beat it with a second Play Rough after losing the first.

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With Ogerpon, of all Pokemon, beating Kieran's star even after launching his strongest attack, many fans praised the match in the comments section. Ironically, Ogerpon also has high affection for OP, as evidenced by the battle quote “Ogerpon hardened it so you wouldn't feel sad.”

Users commented: “The power of friendship, it's beautiful to witness” and “A reminder that Ogrebone loves you and is not a monster.”

More users pointed out the affection stats as they wrote: “I'm usually against affection mechanics but this is so good and fits so well,” as well as “biggest middle finger to Kieran yet.”

Other fans were so impressed that one even called the fight the “climax of the anime”, before another added: “My fight was exactly like that with Ogerpon vs Hydrapple. It felt like a scripted anime fight and I loved it.”

As players discover that Indigo Disk DLC battles are better and more competitive than ever before, fans can create ingenious strategies as OP and enjoy the game.

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