The new Xbox Game Pass add-on contains Xbox 360 DLC available for free

Double Fine’s classic adventure game Stacking has been added to Xbox Game Pass, but if you want the full package you’ll need to grab the free Stacking DLC ​​from the Xbox Store.

Stacking is one of two games joining Xbox Game Pass today, and for those who are new to the Xbox 360 classic or may not know, there is a free DLC available in the Xbox Store that includes achievements.

Stacking’s The Lost Hobo King DLC ​​for free on the Xbox Store

The Lost Hobo King DLC ​​for Stacking transports players to the vagabond kingdom of Camelfoot, where you reprise the role of Charlie Blackmore, where you’ll help Levi’s uncle regain his throne by solving three tests of courage. This DLC features new challenges, each with different solutions, a new lineup of dolls with unique abilities, and “a new round of hi-jinks to discover and trouble with.” There are also four Lost Hobo King achievements to unlock.

The Lost Hobo King

In Lost Hobo King, Double Fine’s Stacking’s first DLC pack, players travel to the vagrant kingdom of Camelfoot in an effort to pass three tests of courage to awaken the ancient vagrant smiths. Overcome challenges, discover unique dolls and merry-go-rounds to recreate the lost crown of a new King of Hobos who will unite the broken people of Hobos. Reclaim the Camelfoot Crown!

This DLC has been free for a long time, and we don’t expect Microsoft to start charging for it anytime soon, but you can also claim it now, just in case. If you don’t already have it, Double Fine also has free Costume Quest DLC (which includes achievements) that you’ll want to claim.

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