Pirates QB Tom Brady is considering all options as a potential agent in 2023

Tom Brady returns today Where did his soccer career begin? How and when his career ends is up in the air.

Multiple sources close to the legendary quarterback say all options are on the table for Brady, who at 45 feels good enough to continue playing and once again be involved with the Pirates. match center Enter today’s game against the 49ers.

Brady — a 49ers fan who grew up in San Mateo, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula — announced his retirement last February before Reverse the cycle after 40 days and back for a third season with the Bucs after 20 years (and six Super Bowl wins) with the Patriots.

the plan With the 2022 season approaching He was about to walk away at the age of 45, as Brady had always envisioned. But those who know him well wonder if he’s more outgoing now than he was in early September.

After a difficult year that affected him personally, including his divorce from wife of 13 years, Gisele Bundchen, Brady has looked more like him in recent weeks. He was asking for more competitive two-person reps in practice. He is feeling better physically after dealing with shoulder and finger injuries earlier in the season. and he vintage charm the last Monday night Tampa Bay mustered 13 fourth-quarter points to beat the Saints.

Brady is set to become a free agent for the second time in his career in March.

Can he sign somewhere else? There are definitely teams that regret not trying harder to sign Brady three years ago. Even at 45, he’d be an (albeit likely short-term) upgrade on a lot of QBs starting now. More than half of the league has QB questions going in this season. If Brady feels his best chance of winning another Super Bowl isn’t in Tampa, it stands to reason that he’d look to move forward with the right situation. Family considerations are sure to play into any decision, as they did in 2020, with his children currently living on the East Coast.

Can he retire again – this time for good? That was the plan before the season, but changes in Brady’s personal life may have changed the landscape. When he walks away, he’ll do so as the most successful quarterback in NFL history, and he’s already got his post-play plan in shape Nine-figure broadcast deal with Fox Sports.

Whatever decision Brady makes, the numbers will come before free agency kicks off in mid-March. For now, his focus remains the same as it usually is: winning his eighth Super Bowl.

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