OpenShot 3.0 has been released with several open source video editing improvements

For those considering an open source non-linear video editor to try this holiday season for any videos, OpenShot 3.0 was officially released today as a huge step forward for this project.

OpenShot 3.0 has been working on for the past year and has delivered over a thousand reported improvements. OpenShot 3.0 has better stability and lower memory usage, better video playback performance, support for exporting multiple videos and clips at the same time, better video format support, Blender 3.3 integration, HiDPI multi-monitor support, documentation improvements, and a host of other significant improvements to the free video editing solution this.

The video below from the OpenShot project covers more of the 3.0 improvements in detail:

Downloads and more details about the open source video editor OpenShot 3.0 at

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