Pfizer seeks recognition of a second booster shot for older Americans

But since Israel recently launched its second booster program, researchers have not been able to determine whether the additional protection is short-lived. Israel began administering a fourth dose to health workers in late December, and then quickly expanded eligibility to 60 and over and other vulnerable groups.

The second study, Israeli health workers show that although a fourth shot of the Pfizer or Modern vaccine increases antibody levels, they are not very effective in preventing infections. The researchers said the findings underscore the urgency of developing vaccines that would target any variation in circulation.

The National Institutes of Health and various vaccine manufacturers in the United States are studying how vaccines can be improved. The results are not expected until the summer, a federal health official said.

According to some senior executives, the second booster may now make sense to older Americans, but not to the general public. The FDA is expected to convene a meeting of its expert advisory committee next month to discuss the issue of the fourth scenario. Developments at Pfizer’s request The Washington Post previously reported.

When asked last month if everyone needed another injection, Dr. Peter Marx, the FDA’s best vaccine regulator, said, “To avoid any surprises from the new varieties, it is best to think about our booster strategy in conjunction with the flu vaccine next fall and encourage as many as possible.” Dr. White House Chief Medical Adviser. Anthony S. Fauzi has now suggested that any move towards a second booster could often be aimed at those at risk, perhaps based on age and underlying conditions.

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To date, two-thirds of 5 and more Americans are fully vaccinated with two shots of one vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only half of those eligible for boosters receive them, but the rate rises to two-thirds for those 65 and over.

In a call with reporters on Tuesday, senior executives said the administration was short of funds for new drugs. One said management has enough supply to manage the fourth shot for people 65 and over, but that effort could not be expanded to everyone without more funding from Congress.

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