Overwatch 2 producer is justifying new winter event pass rewards amid backlash

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Overwatch 2 producer Jared Neuss has justified the rewards and ticket price for the Winter Wonderland event amid backlash from players.

Blizzard’s game hero Overwatch 2 hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy. The beginning of the game was very difficult, as players faced the problem of the lack of changes made from the prequel, in addition to the new pricing methods put in place by the developers. These frustrations were compounded by the delay and subsequent downgrade in the PvE mode, which was promised to be the main feature of the sequel.

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But despite all this, Overwatch 2 is still a work in progress, and is well into its eighth season. Season 8 brought the new tank hero Mauga, a new battle pass, and more. The new season also featured the return of the Winter Wonderland event, packed with new skins and returning game modes.

Unfortunately, the return of the event has brought to light more player frustration, as the new event pass implemented has left a bad taste in the community’s mouth. Despite all the violent reactions, Executive producer Jared News He came forward to justify the event ticket rewards and prices.

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Noyce explained that the prices and value players were receiving from the Winter Event Pass “fit directly into the holiday spirit” for them. The developer explained that they wanted to give players the choice of what they picked up during the event, but they also stated that they are listening to player feedback.

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“It’s $5 for 4 legendary decks, which fits right in the holiday spirit for me.

I hear you want to be able to open everything. We wanted to give people a choice in the rewards they get from this event. I’d be interested to see if FOMO overwhelms this benefit.” Read tweet.

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The Winter Event Premium Battle Pass gives players additional tickets to pick up more skins of their choice throughout the event, however, many players were under the impression that you would be able to get every skin if they purchased the pass.

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