British teenager, Alex Batty, breaks his silence and reveals a letter he left for his mother the night he escaped


The British boy who is believed to have been kidnapped by his mother and grandfather during a holiday in Spain broke his silence on Thursday, revealing the heartbreaking message he left for his family before resurfacing six years later.

Alex Batty, now 17, has detailed the moment he decided to leave his family behind in their French home and how he has survived on his own for the past few years.

Patty, who was sitting next to his grandmother in the UK, said: “It was a normal day and I just decided it was time to leave.” the sun.

Paty, who was 11 when he disappeared, says he got into an argument with his mother Melanie and fled their accommodation in the French Pyrenees to which they had moved one day earlier in September 2017.

“We had a stupid argument over nothing,” Patty told the site. “My mother can argue about anything, so it doesn’t take much. She’s very firm in her opinions.

Patty said the fight was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because he was tired of the hippie lifestyle his mother had imposed on him.

Alex Paty was living with his mother Melanie and grandfather David in France in 2017 when he ran away aged 11. ITV

Patty then planned his escape, packing a small suitcase with the clothes he felt were necessary while remaining away from his family, and wrote a letter to his mother on December 11, 2017.

“Hi mom, I want you to know that I love you so much,” read the note obtained by The Sun. “I am so grateful that life has given me these past few years.”

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“Don’t worry about yourself, I’m sure you won’t be found. Don’t worry about me either, you know I can take care of myself. I love you so much, don’t be so mad at me. – I love Alex.”

The trio were last seen together in the port of Malaga on October 8, but they never returned to the UK. BBC reported.

Patty wrote a letter to his mother before he ran away, telling her not to worry about him because he knew how to take care of himself. AP

Patty felt he had a rough relationship with his mother after she separated from his father when he was just two years old.

“She’s a good person. But she’s just not a great mother. Plain and simple, to be honest,” Pattie told the site. “She’s not doing the motherly things she’s supposed to be doing.

“She’s not very warm and open. She doesn’t listen much to anyone. She’s set in her ways. You can’t really change her beliefs or anything, and that’s just a pain to deal with.”

Patty’s decision to leave came after he felt his mother’s lifestyle would not allow him to have a good future, saying she had strong “anti-government and anti-vaccination” views and believed most people were “slaves”.

While he expressed his many reservations about his mother, Patty said he had nothing but love for his grandfather, David (67 years old), who filled the gap left by his father’s absence.

“I love my grandfather. I never knew my father, so my grandfather and my stepfather raised me. Grandad Batty is a great guy,” he told the outlet. “He’s a lot like your grandfather, he teaches you lessons and listens to me.”

While on the run, the teen feared his mother and grandfather would get into legal trouble, so he came up with another plan to throw the police off his scent.

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“I was lying to try to protect my mom and grandpa, but I realized they were probably going to get caught anyway,” Patty said. “I pretended I was on a long trip for that reason.”

He lived by the name Zac Edwards and claimed to be a “very competent walker” who knew his directions, while part of his plot was that he got lost in finding the French town of Quilan.

Paty sent a Facebook message to his grandmother, Suzanne Caruana, when a truck driver picked him up in France earlier this month. Chris Neil/Mega

Patty was discovered by a delivery driver in the south of France walking across a bridge in the middle of the night, during heavy rain on December 13.

The driver, Fabian Oxedini, allowed Patti to use his Facebook account to message his grandmother, Suzanne Caruana, who is his legal guardian.

Caruana later told the press that she believed Melanie and David took Patty in because they had a “different belief system.”

He was placed in a care home for two days before being transferred to Toulouse, a city in the south of France, where his other grandfather met him before he returned to the UK, without a passport.

Although he says he loves his mother, Patty felt that she did not do her duty in raising him as their relationship was always difficult, especially since his parents separated when he was only two years old. Family bulletin

Now that Patty is back in the UK with his grandmother, he has plans for his new life, saying he wants to go to college while continuing to study French.

“I want to study computer science, cybersecurity or blockchain technology development, so I will be very busy studying and catching up on things.”

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