Overwatch 2 players are criticizing the Paladin for “copying” Ramatra

published: 2023-02-27 T05:52:45

updated: 2023-02-27 T05:52:57

Overwatch 2 players have criticized the Paladins after noticing that their new hero shares some similarities with their latest hero, Rammatra.

Overwatch 2 and Paladins have competed against each other in the hero shooter genre for a while now, and they both host a variety of characters for players to take down their enemies. Both games were originally released in 2016, with content in the form of heroes and maps slowly being released into the game over time.

As champion shooters, Overwatch and Paladins have constantly been criticized for taking ideas out of each other. Overwatch players in particular have accused Paladins of copying many heroes’ ideas or making their heroes a hodgepodge of Overwatch decks.

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The next hero to come under fire from the Overwatch community is Nyx, who appears to have a similar deck to the Omnic Rammatra percussion tank, released in Overwatch season 2. While Nyx looks very different from the Rammatra, he has abilities that appear to function like Rammatra. , which makes their playing style comparable.

In terms of abilities, Nyx has a temporary barrier that can be placed in front of them, similar to Rammatra. Nix’s attacks are also punches that deal damage to anyone it lands.

Rammatra’s E was also noticed by players and was eventually reprized in the Nyx collection. Nyx is able to fire a projectile that pulls in and slows down enemies, which eventually explodes. Finally, her F ability creates a harmful aura around her, which shares similarities with the ultimate Rammatra.

Overwatch 2 players are criticizing Paladin’s Nyx

Overwatch players were quick to criticize the Paladins hero, commenting sarcastically on Paladin’s previous work.

“Yeah, I mean Paladins have never copied Overwatch before…” one commenter describe.

Some have defended Paladins, saying they think it was the better of the two games.

others He explained that it was unlikely that Nyx would be a clone of RammatraThe similarities were purely coincidental.

It is uncertain if Nyx and Rammatra are clones of each other, with neither Blizzard Studios nor Hi-Rez offering comment on the matter. Because of this, the two will likely go down in history as being uncannily similar.

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