Helldivers 2 players lose it during the fall of Malevelon Creek

If you hear or see Hell Divers 2a cooperative third-person shooter game Inspired by the movie Starship troopersYou've probably taken a look at Malevon Creek. It is one of the playable planets in the game, and is controlled by one of two enemy factions, the Robots. You may not have heard the correct name of the world, as players have instead taken to calling it “”Vietnam robot“Given how hellish the missions are out there, the forests spreading across the world, and the aforementioned robot overlords that have stuck to it. After two weeks of fighting for control of the planet, the Hell Divers have unfortunately lost their foothold on the Malefon River to the robots, and they're not brave enough about it.” .

I first got the news via my group chat, which sent me some memes bemoaning the loss. In particular, he was the one who likened the loss of Malevon Creek to another famous loss in video game history: the loss of Malevon Creek Access fall in aura.

part of Hell Divers 2the definition Game (Not this one) is the ongoing conflict in the galaxy and how it is evolving. When you choose a location to drop into, you choose from a galactic map that indicates, among other things, which enemy faction controls the system and how close the planet is to liberation. The players' ultimate goal as Hell Diver is to “spread democracy” by successfully completing missions (as well as side objectives) enough to increase the planet's freedom percentage. Despite this, goal completions at Malevelon Creek haven't budged much in terms of percentage, no matter how many times players have succeeded there. As a live-service title, it's a logical, concise way to frame your in-game actions into a fluid narrative, one that sees players move between worlds in conflicts that feel heavily stacked against them and set the stage for both huge victories and devastating losses. .

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And so when players woke up today to find that they had let down the planet they had spent weeks fighting for in vain, the hyper-engaged community that had formed around the game overdelivered.

One comment under a recent Tiktok reads: “People don't understand how important the takeover of Malevillon Creek was. For starters, the creek was a huge center for drone production. I can't confirm the veracity of this statement without knowing it firsthand.” Hell Divers 2Traditions, but the seriousness with which the commentary is presented is unbridled. For goodness sake, the video was tagged #rememberthecreek, which is already going viral. You can't do this shit, people!

If there's one thing I've learned from watching Hell Divers 2 Guys, this is it Wildly, funny and dramatic About every little thing that happens in the game. The analogues of real and imaginary conflicts symbolize this. Big laughs and big drama have become core tenets of the experience and community – which it now prides itself on Promotional broadcast channel on Tiktok – and played a pivotal role in why the game became so popular on social media Unprecedented numbers of players In such a short period of time. now, Hell Divers 2 It has its first real narrative beat, and everyone is not only interested in it, but using it as fuel for the next campaign.

Even after the fall of Malevelon Creek, players already return to the battle to recover anything from the machines. They actually refuse to sit back and let it become another Reach or Cadia War hammer. Although it lacks the specific characters and story of any of those properties and games, Hell Divers 2The community's grappling with the story of this game is a pleasure to watch. Maybe I'll tie my shoes and… I do my part Let's see what comes of it.

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