Overwatch 2 goes offline Thursday night as Blizzard starts fixes

Blizzard Entertainment said it takes Monitor 2 Offline Thursday night in an effort to bring fixes to the game, which was launched in Pretty much unplayable condition on Tuesday And it’s been rocky ever since. Through two separate windows on Thursday, Note and watch 2 Servers will be down while bug fixes and database upgrades are being applied.

Here’s Blizzard’s expected downtime schedule for Monitor 2to me Post in the official developer forums:

3 PM – 4 PM PDT: Servers will be down while a fix is ​​being rolled out to address some bugs related to account integration, login and first time user experience. Players will not be able to access the servers during this time.

6 PM – 9 PM PDT (Approx.): We are making major upgrades to our databases to process player queues. Players will not be able to access the servers during this time.

Blizzard said PC players may need an update Monitor 2 Customer to address “crash reports and black screen issues”.

Monitor 2 He was released on Tuesday As a major update to the original game, but with long queues to get into games, frequent disconnects, and progression that doesn’t hold players wet on the first day. In addition to major server disconnect issues and player database issues, Blizzard said a DDoS attack on its servers affected connectivity and player booting issues from games. Blizzard Apologies for the game issues in the Wednesday evening updateto tell players that it is addressing a variety of bugs and performance issues.

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