A fan sues the Patriots for damaging Tom Brady’s signed flag

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Tom BradyIts impact extends beyond what anyone could imagine.

for example. According to the Associated Press, a fan File a lawsuit against the Patriots For damage to a flag posted by Brady.

Daniel Vital, 42, alleges in a federal lawsuit that he loaned the flag to the Patriots Hall of Fame in June 2021. Vital maintains that it has been confirmed that the flag will be properly looked after.

Vitaly claims that the signature, written in the Blue Sharpie language, faded significantly during the time the flag was in the possession of the Patriots. He asserts that the value of the flag has been reduced by a million dollars, due to “a large gap in the glass directly in front of the flag through which unfiltered light and heat can pass.”

The flag was raised in the final of the regular season at the team’s former stadium, in December 2001.

The Patriots had no comment on the matter to the Associated Press.

“I’ve tried to do everything in my power to settle with these guys, but they don’t even want to talk to us,” Vitaly said.

Regardless, the legal process has now been activated. Vital will get a chance to prove his case, and prevent the case from being settled or dismissed.

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