Notion Calendar: A new app to keep your agenda organized

Notion users have been clamoring for an integrated calendar system for years. Now, Notion delivers: it does Launch Notion CalendarA standalone application that integrates with all your databases and notes in Notion. It's another way Notion tries to be the one app your company needs to do just about everything.

If you have ever used Crohn'sNotion Calendar app was purchased in 2022 and has been running since then, so you already know how to work with Notion Calendar. It's just a redesigned version of the app. Cron has always been a fast, simple, nice-looking calendar with some clever features like Calendly-style booking tools and a command bar you can use to quickly set up recurring meetings and the like. One feature I particularly like: If you use multiple calendars, your business meetings will automatically be blocked in your personal calendar, and vice versa, so others can't double-book you. It's quite a power user tool, but it's a good calendar app.

The big new advantage that comes with the rebranding is idea integration. If you or your company uses Notion, you'll be able to create or link Notion documents within the calendar invitation. If you have a database full of due dates, you can add them as a calendar to Notion Calendar. It seems like a much better way to handle agendas and notes than sending them before and after a meeting or searching for them in Slack. Putting everything into a calendar event is a good move.

The downside to Cron and Notion Calendar at launch is that it doesn't support all the tools people actually use. The app will be available on Mac, Windows, and iOS initially, and Notion says Android will come later. It also doesn't support Outlook, which immediately means that a large percentage of businesses that use Office simply can't use Notion Calendar. Like many modern productivity tools, Cron is designed for tech pros who use Macs and iPhones, but that's not the case for most business people.

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Notion is generally a cross-platform app, so I expect it will start supporting other platforms fairly soon. The company's mission is to be the only app your company needs to do business effectively — it launches AI features, messaging and commenting tools, automated workflows, integration with other apps, and much more. Bracing is the natural next step. Maybe after that, Notion will try to stop the email. Or presentation tools. Or maybe it will require Excel to try and bring down the long-standing productivity champion once and for all.

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