Everything announced in August 2022 Pokémon Presents broadcast

The Pokémon Company has done more than just scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violet The news during Pokémon Presents that aired on Wednesday.

Of course there is I was A handful of new details are still out on the next major games ahead of their November 18th release date. The Pokémon Company keeps getting deeper carmine And the Violetand other previously secret features.

side by side scarlet pokemon And the Violetother Pokemon apps and games were shown in the live stream.

If you missed the broadcast, you can find all the announcements here.

pokemon scarlet and violet

Pokemon Company Share a new trailer for scarlet pokemon And the Violet During the show that gave us the name of the new area: Paldea. We’ve also taken a look at the legendary Pokemon, Corydon and Myradon, who can ride like motorbikes – sometimes on motorbikes – as partner Pokemon.

Also show a crystallization feature that appears to replace Gigantamax Pokémon. This makes the Pokémon “shine like gems,” and some can switch types.

Players will join a “treasure hunt” in the academy, with three different stories to follow – a traditional one, like defeating coaches in gyms. The other two stories were kept a secret.

Finally, The Pokémon Company has given us a sneak peek into its multiplayer modes, which can be accessed by up to four players.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go The closing event will take place in August, concluding the event story. Niantic has also added Daily Adventure Incense – which activates for 15 minutes – to attract new Pokemon, and even Legendaries.

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pokemon unite

New Pokemon Coming to pokemon unite, along with new events and campaigns. A quick fight, called Pika Party, is coming to the game on Wednesday. In the Pika Party, everyone is a Pikachu! Additionally, Buzzwole is coming to the game.

Pokemon Masters EX

for Pokemon Masters EXFor the Pokémon Company’s third anniversary, the Pokémon Company is adding a Training Lounge.

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Mewtwo in Pokemon Cafe Remix!

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