Boost Pixel 8 Pro video, unlock viewing

Google Rolling out A very significant feature drop for December noticeably adds Video Boost to the Pixel 8 Pro and other camera features, while Watch Unlock is finally here for the Pixel Watch.

pixel camera

Video enhancement Combines the Pixel 8 Pro camera, the Tensor G3 chip, and Google Cloud processing capabilities. After enabling Video Boost in the Camera app, record as you normally would to get a clip you can watch/share right away. Meanwhile, Google is capturing a proprietary Video Boost format, which Google colloquially refers to as RAW-ish, which will be sent to its servers. Both the download, which is waiting for a Wi-Fi connection, and the processing take some time. You’ll receive a Google Photos notification once it’s complete, while this second recording is deleted to free up space on your device.

HDR+ and other computational photography models are applied to adjust color, brightness, stillness, and grain. This results in everything from vivid colors to full dynamic range and vibrant skin tones.

It also makes Video Boost possible Night vision video Which allows you to see details and rich colors when recording in low-light conditions.

Similarly, Night vision The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro now let you “record vibrant, detailed videos.” time interval Low-light videos.” You can record the changing evening sky when your phone is stable (on a tripod).

Continuing in the photography space, the Portrait Light tool in Google Photos has gotten a new update.Balance light“The option that removes harsh shadows thanks to the new AI model, while Picture is not clear Now it does a better job of sharpening cats and dogs.

On the Pixel Fold, Dual screen preview Allows you to display what you see on the inner screen on the cover screen.

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a “CleaningThe feature lets you remove smudges, stains, and even wrinkles from scanned documents directly from the camera app. This comes after Google Drive revamped its receipt scanner.

Finally, you can use your Pixel as a file Webcam for laptop/desktop When the two are connected via cable. Open the USB Preferences notification and select “Use USB for webcam.” This is available on the Pixel 6 and later, as well as the Fold.

Pixel watch

First announced at CES 2022, Google has finally introduced it Watch Unlock Between pixel devices. When you wear and unlock your watch, a nearby paired phone will not require a passcode. You will receive a corresponding “Unlocked by your watch” message at the top of the screen. If this phone is accidentally unlocked, a notification on the wearable will let you quickly “lock” it.

To set this up, open the companion app > Viewing preferences > Security. Google warns that this reduces the watch’s battery life and is less secure than a PIN/password.

Google officially announces the availability of six new faces and complex patterns (redesigned arcs and lights) on Original Pixel watchIn addition to syncing Do Not Disturb mode and Bedtime mode.

If your Pixel Watch or Watch 2 is paired with a Tensor-powered Google phone, Auto call screen A transcript of the conversation will appear on your wrist. Allows you to ignore or get more details before answering.

And more…

The calling experience also improves with Contextual call screen responses Which allows you to “respond easily and in a way that is appropriate to the situation.” This may include “Confirm” or “Cancel Appointment” to allow Google to immediately answer the caller on your behalf.

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In the same application, Direct my call And Hold for me Expands to support business numbers without a free prefix, as well as the United Kingdom.

the Pixel tablet Obtains Scan the invitation When video conferencing to reduce background noise and improve your voice. Google’s largest display also adds support for Spatial audio Through the tablet speakers and Pixel Buds Pro.

Other features include Summarize The feature is supported by Gemini Nano, with registered Also added is transcription support for 28 new languages ​​and devices Gboard Smart Replies Get started on WhatsApp.

Repair mode You will “keep your personal data secure and secure” while you are in the store for the Service, while Google password manager It will inform you which accounts support passkeys to upgrade easily.

Finally, the Google watch The application now appears weather For your saved cities. Current and high/low temperatures are also shown on the World home screen widget. You can also get forecasts when alarms will go off.

The December feature drop will roll out to Pixel devices starting today.

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